The investment will be made via a private equity professional, and his Family Office, located in New York City and follows an initial $250,000 subscription for investment from the same family in early March 2022.

Part of a larger $10 million funding round, the investment will be used to drive Tintra's next stage of strategic growth, and the development of advanced financial and regulatory infrastructure built solidly upon artificial intelligence and machine learning to revolutionise AML/KYC across the world. This includes metaverse and blockchain interoperability, transparency by utilising dataless cryptographic mechanisms, and blockchain-based verification.

Richard Shearer, CEO of Tintra PLC, said, "This investment from the family of a renowned New York based private equity professional is perhaps the strongest validation we have yet received of the substance and future of our model and execution plans.
We now have all teams focused on the regulation and tech build across all verticals, with the Artificial Intelligence and newly announced Web 3.0 teams at the core. Further, we have just entered another 90-day internal period, the end of which will see 5 different teams having delivered innovation and on those execution plans, some of which we quite expect to be groundbreaking." 

A fast-growth RegTech business, Tintra is set to revolutionise the regulatory environment and make access to the global marketplace as seamless in Africa, Latin America, or Asia tomorrow as it is in Europe or the United States today.

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