It is estimated that as much as 43% of the UK adult population engaged in a sports betting activity during 2022, a percentage that has steadily increased over the past few years.
The enduring appeal of sports betting at a base level is the chance to potentially win some money but that combined with the increased accessibility brought about by the online sports betting sphere, has completely revolutionised the marketplace in the UK.
Subsequently, the associated UK online bookmaker market has boomed with more choice than ever at the disposal of punters, making competition for custom between bookmakers intensify to an all-time high.
Variety remains the fundamental factor in terms of the appeal of the overall gambling offer in the UK, with most sportsbooks working hard to ensure that there is something within the market for everybody.
Sports betting continues to dominate the landscape for punters, with staples such as football and horse racing serving up a packed daily calendar in the UK, meaning players are awash with opportunities to bet and potentially win big.
More niche offerings such as esports and international sporting disciplines from Australia, Ireland, America and beyond have populated a sports betting market in the UK that truly caters for every sports fan.
Whilst sports betting is hard to replicate in terms of the thrills and spills, the COVID 19 pandemic also gave credence to the growing virtual sports market, which gives punters the chance to gamble on a virtual version of almost any sport - meaning every single possible base is covered for a player in the UK gambling scene.
Beyond sports betting, all UK bookmakers are also keen to secure the attention of casino gamblers and a huge amount of money and effort has gone into improving the overall casino output from all of the biggest UK sportsbooks.
Bread and butter offerings from casino floors have transferred over successfully to the online sphere and sportsbooks are indulging in the increased traction casino games are affording both them and their customers.
Regular casino games such as roulette and blackjack transfer over extremely well to the online sphere, although the instantaneous nature of both can provide pitfalls for punters if they are not prepared.
Traditional offerings such as poker, bingo and top slots on online websites in the UK have also become hugely popular with sportsbook casinos - as punters and bookies look to broaden their horizons when online gambling.
And with the industry continuing to grow, the revenues being returned by UK bookmakers are showing no signs of slowing in 2023.