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Code First Girls surpasses 2017 goal to teach 20,000 UK women to code

Their target now is to double this community as soon as possible

SoPro launches Level Up Laptops appeal to get more laptops to children in Sussex

Launching today Level Up Laptops is a charity initiative created by Brighton based social prospecting company SoPro

Tools for IT managers that make life easier

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, more teams than ever are having to work remotely, which comes with its own, unique, challenges.

How Does LinkGraph Compare to the Competition?

Across the wider internet, there are numerous SEO services. Each claims that they can improve your bottom line and help you reach new customers

Consumers 'green' about environmental impact of tech

UK consumers are ‘green’ about the environmental damage caused by the constant ‘upgrading’ of tech products, according to new research.

Small businesses face costly issues with e-commerce – it’s time to get serious about data

By James Tilbury, Managing Director Ilux, providers of industry leading remote working support

Dead device, live data!

New Business discusses with Tracey Hyde BSc (Hons) MSc, founder and MD of DSA Connect, how they deal with secure recycling of IT related hardware

Research reveals lack of technology upgrades from employers could be increasing the chances of data breaches

6% of people have not had their work desktop computer upgraded for at least five years. 13% have had no upgrade for between three and five years

14% of people have accessed confidential data at work that they were not authorised to see

7% of people have wrongly seen the salaries of their managers and colleagues and 5% have had unauthorised access to other people’s private photos via their employer’s technology

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