What does Loop Legal do and what type of businesses are you looking to reach in the UK?

Loop Legal is a cutting-edge corporate and commercial fixed price legal services firm created to cater for the ever-growing desire for instant gratification and lightning fast turnaround times that are shaping the business landscape in the UK. 

With its innovative ecommerce interface, coupled with legal document automation processes, legal services have never been easier to obtain without sacrificing on quality. 

What do you offer in terms of services?

We offer a wide range of corporate, commercial, intellectual property and employment law related fixed-priced services, helping UK businesses to grow and protect their offerings quickly and cost effectively. This includes registration of intellectual property such as trademarks, preparation of commercial contracts, reviews of contracts and online legal consultations. 

How are they delivered?

Our services are delivered through our innovative, accessible ecommerce platform. In this regard, users can browse our services which are available, and purchase them on our platform directly and immediately, or request a custom quote and thereafter purchase the services via custom links via our platform. For example, if a commercial contract is ordered, a questionnaire is answered by a client and thereafter, a contract partially generated and delivered to our solicitors who then craft it further in order that it meets the specialised requirements of the client. This allows us to greatly reduce turnaround time and the ultimate cost to the client decreases, allowing for far greater access to quality legal services at a value driven price point. 

As a start-up or SME, why do I visit Loop Legal?

All businesses require some form of legal services during their lifetime in order to properly function and/or protect their commercial interests and intellectual property. Traditionally, these services are not affordable to start ups or small businesses, taking too long to implement, and require SME's to jump through hoops for weeks in order to get to the right solicitor at a law firm to render the services required. 

We founded Loop Legal to cut through all this nonsense, provide fixed upfront affordable prices, and a platform to cater for instant purchases and super-fast turnaround times. The attention to detail remains, but through automation we give our lawyers the tools they need to deal with matters far more expeditiously. Our 48 hour guarantee on our fixed-price products is a cornerstone of our mission.

In an industry which has made it hard for start-ups and small businesses to gain access to quality legal services, we believe that our platform will provide drastically easier access to quality legal services at price points which don't require deep pockets, and without sacrificing on quality

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