The solutions that Docue are bringing to the UK, will make legal documents more accessible at a fraction of the usual cost,

Neil Edwards - My mission at Docue is to build a strong ethos  amongst the UK team, create a foundation of excellent responsive customer service and ultimately ensure that my team executes the sales mission in the UK that we have planned. Whilst on this mission we hold the values that our founders shaped back in Finland. The primary reason I joined Docue was the opportunity to join a movement of emotionally intelligent, focussed business individuals. My secondary reason was the desire to help extend that movement in new territories to challenge the status quo. The founding team at Docue, led by Marko Teppo, had a fundamental vision: Democratise Legal Services. This is a revolutionary mission-and I knew I wanted to play a pivotal role in realising it.

NB - UK SMEs are under severe financial pressure with rising inflation and energy costs, why launch now in the UK?
It was always our plan to launch Docue in the autumn of 2022. As we have 30,000 customers in Finland and Sweden the next suitable market was London, UK. We had business consultants provide insight and market appetite prior to our launch so we knew there was scope for Docue to have a presence in the UK. Docue has made a huge investment in both talent and resources, equipping us with a bright team to lead the UK Docue services. I wanted to prepare our inhouse sales, customer service and legal teams for operational readiness. Throughout my career I have planned and delivered new market launches and I am of the opinion to launch and learn.

Answering your question in further detail, at Docue we believe SMEs will benefit from the arrival of Docue here in the UK. We will save either a start up or scale up business hundreds if not thousands of pounds by adopting Docue's contracts and business agreements. With our unique contract automation platform including e-sign, we have the perfect product that helps individuals and global teams to draft, automate, e-sign and archive documents. Our unique ask a lawyer function enables individuals and growth companies to benefit from the ability to ask questions, without having to book appointments and visit local law firms for costly advice and templates.   

NB - What is Docue's background?
Docue was founded by Marko Teppo who had a vision to democratise legal services for everyone. As I am sure you can imagine, my mission is always more fulfilling when a founder is passionate about a purpose. As I touched on earlier we have 30,000 customers in Finland and Sweden. We have built an excellent reputation both for our SME legal templates and contract automation software in the Nordics so when I heard that Docue was planning a UK launch it was an opportunity that I had no reservations to accept. My focus is to create a movement both in the UK and further afield as we launch in new territories.
Antti Seppa, CEO and Jukka Jaakkola, CCO at Docue are both experienced and passionate individuals. Docue have built a strong reputation in the Nordics and our investor network is the envy of many SAAS companies globally. We are very fortunate to have a chairman who is energised with the potential of Docue in new markets and territories.
All the above provide significant leadership wisdom and are known for scaling companies, providing the infrastructure enabling me to scale Docue in the UK. I have worked with Digital transformation programs to have my BDR's so we have the skills to pitch Docue to grow businesses here in the UK.     

NB - What size SME would benefit from using Docue and why?
At Docue we want all types of businesses to trial and use our suite of products. Many companies have legacy processes so even established companies may find that existing contracts and agreement processes actually cost the respective businesses money through manual processes. The user interface is simple and easy to work with so busy people will find Docue easy, quick and intuitive to add to their existing document workflows.  

NB - How does Docue work?
It is very simple to trial Docue, simply find a template and begin drafting. If you already have a contract prepared, all you need to do is upload it and send for e-sign. The whole process takes approximately 15 seconds. It really is that simple. Once signed and copies received in the archive, you have a record of the contract. Simply set a reminder of when your contract needs to renew and you will never miss a contract lapse again. The user interface is very simple to use and drafting is so easy. If you have a question about your draft contract simply ask a lawyer who will respond in under 2 minutes within business hours.
Docue currently has 80+ templates and these are updated as legislation changes. We have templates in Business Administration, HR, Health Safety, and Data Protection. If we don't have a template you need we will consider creating based on client feedback.
If you have legacy templates or an inhouse legal team we have the capabilities at Docue to make your documents smart. They will appear within the drafting interface and your team will have the ability to draft your complex contracts as easily as drafting an email. You have to see it to believe it!

Docue has an API so it can be integrated into existing business systems such as CRM, ERP and custom workflows. Docue will support any business, at any time, in any sector.  

NB - With one foot in a recession, UK economic conditions are less than ideal. What role do you see Docue playing  in 2023/24  in the eventual recovery?

In my opinion, a recovery is a long way out of reach for many to comprehend right now. At Docue our mission remains the same as it was 6 months ago which is to simply create a movement here in the UK. We will inspire entrepreneurs to launch new businesses safe in the knowledge that they have legal, compliance and business agreements in hand. Docue will enable solopreneurs to focus on what's really important, creating growth networks that support cashflow. Scale-ups may consider reviewing legal partnerships opting to work with Docue's inhouse lawyers who have significant commercial experience across multi-disciplines.
Mid-markets and enterprises will continue to review legacy systems and conclude that Docue provides a superior SAAS product with interesting features and superior customer service. At Docue we have a very experienced multidisciplinary team who will provide a roadmap to guide a transformation program to success. Docue also provides endless opportunities with custom integrations through API connectivity. Core functionality enables any department to draft, template, collaborate, e-sign and archive quickly and easily. To add, we are all excited at Docue about the development roadmap of new features planned throughout each quarter in 2023. We hope that all businesses prosper over the next 12-24 months and if we can assist to make a difference we will.

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