If you have anything leftover in your betting budget from using an odds calculator there are a few different ways you can spend it. Pad out your emergency fund - most people don't have enough to cover an unexpected expense, so if you find that you're left with some money spare from your betting budget, putting it towards a rainy-day fund could be good use of the cash.

1.     Invest the money into a side hustle to make more cash over the long term. Some great options that don't require a tonne of money are flipping items on eBay or Gumtree, starting a blog or selling products on Etsy if you're creative.

2.     If you have any debts, using spare money you weren't expecting to have to pay it down quicker is a great use of your finances.

3.     Invest in a designer fashion piece such as a coat or a bag that will stand the test of time, won't lose value and will become a collector piece in years to come.

4.     Put the money towards investments in stocks and shares - people often assume that you have to invest thousands of pounds, but stocks and bonds can often be purchased for much less and will typically grow over time.

5.     Create an experience fund and put the money towards a travel or activity goal you've had for a while but that you don't have the cash for. You can consider your extra betting money as the start of your savings pot for that specific goal, getting you there much more quickly.

6.     Pay for a course to learn a new skill that you've always wanted to have, from tech, sewing, graphic design to cooking, sport or art - the options are endless.

7.     Fix up an area of your home that has been sitting on your to-do list for a while. You could put the money towards redecorating, some new furniture or towards making your garden a more appealing space to sit in during the summer months.

8.     Pay for a gym membership, a personal trainer or a fitness workshop that will serve as an investment in your health and wellbeing.

9.     Pay for a trip somewhere new and exciting - travel is a great way to experience a new culture, meet new people and even learn a language. Plus, the memories will last a lifetime.

10.  Get a head start on your savings goals by putting a big chunk of your money towards a specific goal you have, such as buying a new car, replacing some of the older items in your wardrobe or upgrading your computer.

11.  Spend it on something you've needed for a while - maybe get your car fixed, buy the winter coat you have wanted for years, or have you been you been putting off that trip to the dentist  because of the cost ?

12.  Contribute the money to a cause or charity you believe in that will leave you feeling good and will have a big impact on others as well.

13.  Top up your pension pot - extra money earns you more interest over time and means you'll benefit in the future from your past payments.