After all, you don't want to end up with the wrong ring and ruin the celebration. Even if you consider purchasing a ring for yourself, following these tips will help you avoid mistakes and order the correct band on the first try. In this brief guide, we will address the most common questions about the selection of the perfect ring.

Women's and Men's Ring Sizes: Average Differences and Similarities

The ring size charts will differ depending on the country. The UK size chart has an alphabetized list with ring sizes varying from A to Z. The chart is uniform for both sexes, so women and men don't have separate charts, although their finger sizes differ.

Typically, an average ring size for women is L/M with an inside circumference ranging between 51.2 mm and 52.5 mm, while men's average ring size is S/T and has an inside circumference ranging between 60.2 mm and 61.4 mm.

If you consider ordering from international stores and sites, you need to convert your ring size to the other country's equivalent to ensure that the chosen band will suit you perfectly. Moreover, if you are shopping for a wedding band, the average size just won't do, so consider going through the next section to find out how to measure the finger and avoid common pitfalls.

How to choose the right ring?

When you choose rings for women and men, you need to account for many factors like personal style, finger size, band preferences, and so on.

Style: Generally, you won't gift bulky, heavy rings to people who prefer elegant style, and vice versa. Some people will prefer more extravaganza in their lives, like a crystal heart ring, while others will resort to minimalistic and conservative choices. In a nutshell, when selecting jewellry, always keep in mind a person's personal preferences.

For Yourself: There are a couple of methods for finding your perfect ring size. Whenever possible, consider visiting jewelry personally, as the store personnel will have a ring sizer tool that will help you get your size right. If you prefer to shop online, then find a printable ring sizer chart and measure your finger yourself.

For Someone Else: Choosing a ring secretly will require some creativity. You can ask your loved one's family and friends, take one of their rings to measure clandestinely, or tie a little knot around their finger while they are asleep.

Sizing Dos and Don'ts

Here are a couple of tips that will help you choose the correct ring size:

  • Don't measure when you are cold, as your fingers are half a size smaller. For that matter, don't measure your fingers when you're hot and feel bloated, as you will end up with a bigger ring size.
  • Account for the band's width, as the bigger the width, the tighter the fit.
  • Remember to measure the specific finger, as your dominant hand is usually larger.
  • Measure your finger a couple of times, but don't take any measurements at the end of the day, as fingers tend to be larger.

Choosing a ring is a meticulous process that requires some planning. From paper print-out ring sizers to the jewellry department, there are a lot of ways you can measure your finger. Selecting a ring for your loved one will require additional planning but is worth the effort, as a beautiful ring or another piece of jewellry will be a constant reminder of your affection and love.