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The main indicator is called retention. Once the business is able to retain customers in the long run, it's possible to focus on quality services and products. Actually, customer retention is the key to prosperity, the loyalty of users, and steady income.

At the moment there are numerous strategies that aim to attract customers and increase retention. Gambling platforms, for instance, as well as other online enterprises, have huge competition and do everything to make the customers stay. Apart from a loyalty program and newsletters, they can boast the following strategies: welcome bonuses, cashback, free spins, and much more. It's old news that going for a reload casino bonus can refresh your gambling experience and make players stay on the platform a little longer.

In this article, we'll discuss a few winning strategies that businesses apply. It will be useful not only for entrepreneurs but also for users and gamblers, who want to get the maximum out of the product or service.

Viable Business Strategies 

There is a huge number of strategies depending on the size of the enterprise, its niche, target audience, short- and long-term goals, and budget. Below we will discuss the most universal approaches that the majority of companies use on a regular basis:

Onboarding programs. That explain to new customers how to use the service or product. In other words, it's a tutorial or guidelines  in a form of text or video.

Customer feedback. To improve the company and provide quality services, it's necessary to receive feedback day by day.

Social responsibility. Successful companies are more than a service or a product. They have a distinguishing brand, support the community, and their words always meet actions.

Newsletters. This cost-effective strategy aims to reach as many customers as possible sharing the latest news, sending updates, or telling about new bonuses and promotions

Loyalty program. Great companies are trying to create a sense of community and unity with the customer. Noah Fleming,the author of the Evergreen: Cultivate the Enduring Customer Loyalty bestseller says that the companies, which recognize humans' desire for connection, have a huge competitive advantage. They offer loyal users and players special deals and promotions.

Convenience.  While this strategy may not increase retention rapidly, it definitely impacts the number of loyal customers. The platform or website should be convenient and simple to use. For example, if it is an online casino, all the games should be reached in one click, the library - broken into categories, and the page with terms and conditions - visible and clear.

Reload Bonus as Retention Strategy

Traditionally, the reload bonus comes as a part of the welcome offer when you sign up at the casino. A new player will get a bonus for every deposit (up to fifth, for example). Sometimes reload bonuses are stand-alone and are awarded on a particular occasion like Christmas, player's birthday, or St. Patrick's Day. Like any other bonuses, the reload one is subjected to wagering requirements.

Example of a reload bonus: every Thursday players get a 30% reload bonus up to $50 for the first deposit of the day. Thus, if depositing $50, you'll get an extra $15 to play with. Sometimes, this offer is complemented with free spins.

The reason why this bonus is popular is that players get additional cash on a regular basis. Unlike the welcome offer which can be claimed only once, the reload bonus is stable. This increases the retention of players. Some gambling sites took it one step further and configured the percentage or the amount of the reload bonus depending on the VIP level. Thus, players get more cash when remaining loyal to a particular website.

This promotion is rather beneficial both for players and casino owners because it  doesn't take much planning, has simple requirements, and makes the gamblers want to stay.

Quality is what matters in the end

We have discussed the most successful strategies that businesses and online casinos apply to acquire customers and to increase revenues. However, no matter whether a gambling site offers a reload bonus or a cashback or not, it's necessary to focus on quality, not quantity. Users will feel it and retention rates will significantly increase.