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Sports betting is the act of predicting sports results and placing a wager on one or more outcomes based on those predictions. The sports events can be live or already over. So, betting on sports can occur before, during, or after sports events have concluded.

Before considering any type of bet, it is worth researching the types of bet available, as there are many forms of sports betting, including Spreads/Point Spreads.

  • Totals/Over-Under bets
  • Parlays (combining multiple bets into one)
  • Straight bets (picking a winner straight up)
  • Futures (odds on Sports Events that will happen way in the future)

Betting can be perilous, but there are many factors to consider if you intend to do sports betting well, including:

Sports knowledge

You need sporting knowledge to understand:

  • What sports event is taking place?
  • Who is playing?
  • What sports statistics apply to each side of the bet you're making?

However, some sports gambling systems are available for people with some  knowledge of the sport they intent to bet on but not enough time to evaluate the possibilities sufficiently, or make predictions.

Consider odds

Successful sports bettors must also consider sports betting odds when placing a bet. These odds represent the "risk" associated with each selection. They can range from -110 (the team favored by 10 points must win by 11 to pay off the bet) and +130 (the underdog team must win by at least 13 points). Sports betting odds may seem intimidating, but they are very straightforward.

The key is to find advantageous sports betting odds that offer a good payout. You can do this through sports handicapping, analysis of sports statistics, such as:

  • Point spreads
  • Home field advantages
  • Weather
  • Past performances etc.

When making sports predictions, it's essential to look at these sports statistics and take them into account, using your experience and sporting knowledge.

By using sports handicapping and personal sports predictions, you can beat sports odds and sports betting bookmakers. Sports gambling is hazardous if you don't know what you're doing.

Don't make bad bets with money you can't afford to lose.

You should view sports betting as entertainment, albeit potentially somewhat expensive entertainment. It's okay to treat sports betting like a business venture now and then, but you must only wager what you can affords to lose.


Sports betting can be an interesting way to have some fun and hopefully make a little money while doing so. However, you must be cautious if you're new to the game and it would help to research the subject thoroughly and have a good idea of what sports betting entails. Read articles, or watch videos on YouTube to understand how different strategies work, before placing your first bet.

It's also wise for beginners to consider the odds and avoid making high stakes bets when starting out, as they may lose everything they've won in their early days of gambling and maybe their stake money also. Remember that sports wagering is a marathon, not a sprint - never make serious bets with money you can't afford to lose.