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Facial recognition, AI-based behavioural technologies, and security protocols are booming in the video game and casino industry. Game developers also continue to implement and experiment with new technologies to keep a new generation of players entertained.

When Millennials play

Millennials transformed the casino industry when they became old enough to play. Of course, this is the generation to turn things upside down, wherever they go. Let's see what kind of changes this brought about at casinos.

More immersive slot machines

Old slot machines, while entertaining, do not require skills. They are automatic. Yet, we all know how involved Millennials become when they have something to prove. Pulling the lever did not provide the new generation of players with enough thrill. To make up for this, the games had to become more entertaining, and developers started to make them more immersive by basing them on a plot or theme.

Isolation turned into a social experience

People say that Millennials are unapproachable and like isolation. Yet, the entertainment industry proves this wrong. Casinos saw a boost in table games because the slot machines were not providing enough involvement for Millenials. What's more, live casino games also made it possible for players to play these games against other players and to interact with a real live croupier from the comfort of their own homes.

Recognizing the importance of the social component, casinos also implemented gamification. Slot machines and video games received an upgrade: bonuses, achievements and leaderboards. The update mimicked the old arcade games that millennials had come to love so much in their childhood.

Moving forward

Millennials expect mobility and connectedness, so software developers have to think of ways to make the games accessible and to give them a social dimension. One of the things that was introduced to meet this demand were multiplayer video games, which allow a group of friends located in different locations to connect online and play the same game. On the other hand, the casino experience is also gravitating towards mobile nowadays. Online casino websites always rate better when they have a mobile application, and online slot machines are being developed in HTML5 to work perfectly on mobiles, (you can find slot reviews at CasinoHawks).

The future is now!

Most of us perceive the future of technology as something distant. We imagine virtual reality glasses, brain chips, and even robot uprising.

Yet, virtual reality is not something distant anymore. Playstation has released more than 500 VR games already. On the other hand, physical slot machines have the potential to transform into AR-powered anchors. This trend might become an excellent selling point for brick and mortar casinos in particular. It will mean pulling the players back to the establishment.


Technology is changing almost every aspect of our lives, and this is no different when it comes to the games we play for our entertainment. Technologies such as augmented reality and virtual experiences can keep today's generation of players hooked and entertained, and we believe that these innovations are here to stay and will become increasingly more affordable as time goes by.