The AnyVan offer
Although we rarely send emails to our loyal community, we thought it necessary during these challenging times. With supermarkets struggling to cover their deliveries and customers wary of leaving their homes, AnyVan has stepped in to help. 
We're pleased to announce that we can now offer a nationwide ‘Click & Collect' service from all major supermarkets, where drivers will go and collect your groceries for you.
The cost of this service has been kept to a bare minimum so as many people as possible can benefit while keeping to the advice of "staying home".
To add, like everyone in the UK, we are so proud of the work our NHS workers are doing in fighting this battle for us, and so this service is being offered completely free to all NHS workers for the first 250 bookings each week.
To learn more about booking our service and our support for NHS workers, please visit below.

NHS SUPPORT INFO                                                 BOOK "CLICK AND COLLECT" NOW
Wishing you and your family well during these challenging times,

The AnyVan Team