Wrexham fans are now weighing in. It's been around 10 years since the fans have put anything on the line to save the club. Wedding plans have been put on hold, people have donated their life savings and one individual has even gone as far as to offer the deeds for his house. Evrah Rose has stated that they know who did it, but there's something about keeping it a secret that just seems appealing. It's not worth probing. Revealing who they are would undo one of the many elaborate twists that have taken place over the last few months.


Wrexham once competed in Europe and they were one of the first teams to have points taken away from them after they fell into administration. They dropped out of the league in the year 2008 and they have stayed there ever since. They had four play-off campaigns and they also clocked up the highest points recorded without a single promotion. Last November, another story began as there was a rumour that a celebrity would be taking over the club. Some people thought it would be Happy Redknapp, then shortly after it was Russell Crowe.There was even talks about Robbie Savage taking over, but either way, one thing was apparent and that was the fact that something needed to be done. Nearly 99% of people voted in favour of the club being taken over and to save it from financial ruin, it was handed over to the unlikely duo of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

New Hopes

Wrexham, in the summer, no doubt thanks to the boost of their owners, managed to sign League two's top goalscorer to bolster their promotion ambitions. Now, using the language of those who frequent odds and sports betting, they, along with Chesterfield, are firm favourites to get promoted from the National League into League two. This promotion story will make great content.

Global Profile?

The global heat map that comes with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia helped to add a ray of sunshine to the announcement and Deadpool fans soon flocked to congratulate Reynolds on taking over. Simon Cooke, who has a season ticket said that he watched the entire show in 2 and a half weeks. He told his wife he was doing it for research purposes but at the end of the day, it would seem that there were much more personal reasons at play.

Reynolds is far more famous than his co-owner and fans have warmed up to McElhenny.  He paid for bathroom adaptations to be done to the club and he has shown a lot of support as well. He's been way more vocal than Ryan and everyone in the club loves him right now. This is brilliant, to say the least and it is amazing to see how much support he is getting from fans.

You also have the Welcone to Wrexham documentary that is taking place, and this is sure to shed a good amount of light on the situation so fans can keep up.