It's easy to fall back on the classic bar signs, but why not try to liven things up a bit by making an illuminated sign that represents something person, or even just something you like? Here are some ideas for brilliant neon wall lights that might take your fancy!

Your Favourite Quote

Everybody knows that quotes are overdone, but that's only because we see the same ones so often. If there's a quote that's really personal to you, why not consider using that instead of a historic speech or repeated line that's known by almost everybody? It doesn't have to make sense out of context: even if it's just song lyrics that stuck with you, or a quote from your favourite movie or television character, it's something personal that can get emblazoned on your wall to remind you of the meaning every time you get back home.

Alternatively, if you've got something you say quite a lot (either as a joke, or just out of habit) you could treat that as the quote instead. If you're giving somebody else customized signage for their birthday or a similar occasion, you could immortalise one of their own phrases as a decoration instead. This works really well for in-jokes and other terms that have stuck around for a long time.

A Symbol

Symbols are a common idea for neon bar or restaurant signs - we've all seen the glasses, bottles, and burgers made out of custom neon signs. The thing is, there's a lot of possibilities with neon-style LED lights. With the LED alternatives, there's actually plenty of extra flexibility, since you don't need to worry about the neon gases actually leaking out of something breaks.

It can be something as simple as a leaf to a complex mural that represents something from your past, or even just a re-creation of a symbol that matters to you. It doesn't even have to be some profound statement, of course: if you want, you could just order a neon-style light sight of your favourite drink brand logo, or the flag of the country you live in.

A Blinking Light Up Sign

There's a common joke in TV shows and movies where some of the lights on a sign blink out, changing what they actually say into something absurd or rude. Now that we're capable of making our own bespoke neon style signs using LEDs, it's entirely possible to create something like this intentionally. If you don't like the idea of a rude joke mounted on your wall, it could just be your name blinking out into your nickname or another word that's relevant to you.

If you wanted to go for something even more extreme, you could have two layers of lights that blink out separately, completely changing the word. This can be good for two-word motivational quotes or words that work well together (for example, you might have something like "love" and "live")and makes the lighting it offers a bit more dynamic.

Coloured Patterns

It doesn't even need to be a shape or word at all. You could simply make a pattern out of neon-style LEDs and create a nice pattern that provides coloured light to the room: some people would happily add a rainbow or colour wheel of LEDs to their wall. If you wanted it to move, you could combine it with blinking lights to create a pattern that actually moves and changes. In both these cases, it can help you create some interesting lighting combinations that aren't normally possible, especially if you pick colours like purple and green that are hard to create with normal lightbulbs.

This can give them some practical use, too. Certain colours make it easier to focus, sleep or stay relaxed in specific situations, so you might even want to create a neon sign that mixes some of these colours to give you a real benefit. This could be as simple as choosing focus-friendly colours for a sign above your desk, or sleep-aiding ones near your bed. It's a small change, but it can make a big difference.