Please tell our readers about TWH Media and how you have come so far in such a short time

TWH Media specialises in Social Media Marketing, Acquisition Strategy and Brand Strategy for both B2B and B2C businesses UK and worldwide.

I started my social media career at the age of 18 when I was recruited by for Lad Bible to manage all social media activity. Within just 10 months, I had successfully increased the brand's Facebook following from 1.8 million Likes to 10 million Likes and accelerated daily traffic from 1 to 5 million. It was here I found my real passion for social media and knew that I thrived on helping brands grow and develop through the content and campaigns that I created.

Fast forward to 2021 and over the last 12 months I have spent over £15 million on Facebook and Instagram advertising on behalf of my clients and generated more than 1 billion views of organic content; enabling several of the brands I work with to scale from 5 to 8 figures with prime examples including Optimum Nutrition and Fintech Unicorn, Revolut.

As a result, TWH Media has successfully grown by 80% during 2021 alone.

You were the 11th employee of global social media agency, Social Chain. When did you leave the agency and what inspired you to set up your new business?

I was appointed Head of Campaigns at Social Chain in 2015, which meant I was responsible for devising innovative, creative and engaging social media campaigns for some of globes most reputable brands including Apple, Amazon, P&G, UFC, BBC, Comedy Central, ASICS, Universal, McDonalds and Spotify.

During my first year at Social Chain, the agency scaled from 11 to 80 staff members, but my biggest highlight was in pioneering the top 9 most engaged live streams by a brand ever - with the top stream receiving 2.4 million comments in just 24 hours, delivering phenomenal results and brand engagement.

I left Social Chain in 2017, as I was headhunted by an agency called TK for the role ‘Head of Amplified content' and was lucky enough to work across London, Leeds and Los Angeles. Although I thoroughly enjoyed both my roles at Social Chain and TK, I had honed my own holistic methodology for amplification during this time and decided to launch my own social media marketing agency, TWH Media, in September 2017.

How has your business evolved since 2017?

Over the last four years, TWH Media has evolved into a multi-million-pound turnover business, where I am fortunate enough to work with some exciting brands both in the UK and overseas.

However, the business is structured differently from the conventional agency model, which is generally reliant on sourcing the right people to drive growth. I knew from the start at just 21 that I did not want the pressures associated with finding the staff who were not only capable of delivering the same high standard of service, but also shared my passion of achieving the best possible results for my clients.

Therefore, rather than stretching my time between business admin and service delivery, I put my main interest and skills to use in helping businesses and brands scale through social media campaigns, whilst building a network of experts who I work with on a regular basis to enable agency growth. Not only has this approach eliminated the stresses of people management and accelerating overheads, but it has also ensured TWH Media can deliver a consistent, high standard of service for all clients, with exceptional results.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

Create a business that you are passionate about and build a business model that genuinely makes you happy.

Most people associate business success with size, yet I genuinely believe the real measure of success should be freedom. I have built a business that enables me to do what I enjoy most in helping to scale brands through social media marketing, without the constraints of hefty overheads. In addition, I get to work with some incredible people, and I have the freedom of being able to travel for business - when and where I like. What's more, I have scaled the TWH Media to a multi-million-turnover without sacrificing my personal relationships, which is something I am incredibly proud of.

Many business owners may read this and disagree with my answer. But for me, a successful business is one that makes you happy - in building the agency in the way I have, I never get the Sunday night feeling and am only excited about the variety each week has the potential to bring.

What are your plans for the TWH Media brand over the next 5 years?

If I'm able to sustain my current work life balance, and continue to be privileged enough to work with some of the biggest brands on the planet, then I'll certainly feel very content with the next 5 years.

More award wins, increased financial freedom, and unique business opportunities will create consistent milestones. But they don't determine success for me as I'm abundantly clear in my mind, that I'm trying to optimize for happiness above anything else.

In an industry like social media, so much can change in that time and I've never been great at predicting the future.

How do you think Social Media Marketing will evolve during 2022 and what should brands look out for?

Social media is always evolving and the biggest change in the last 5 years has certainly been the ramifications caused by IOS14. How platforms and advertisers are able to combat this will be instrumental in success over the next couple of years.

Beyond that, to me, it will be how brands adopt and integrate concepts like the metaverse and new technologies. Web3.0 is going to cause another monumental shift in consumer behaviour and brands won't want to be left behind.