When you gift clients, employees or business associates, you take a proactive action that builds your business' brand, image, and professional ties. Build My Gift are experts in creating internal and external corporate gifts and can brand your corporate boxes in line with your company's guidelines and personalise some gifts too. Below are some financial and nonfinancial benefits that you are likely to experience once you chose to consistently use corporate gifting in your business, 

Employee motivation and satisfaction

Employees notice the big and small ways that employers use to appreciate them and show value. Gifts are more memorable than other rewards because they are used and seen frequently by the one recipient. They become a constant reminder of the company's appreciation for a job well done. Consequently, they stir up job motivation among employees, making them more committed to their jobs and organizational goal achievement. Similarly, they boost job satisfaction by making employees feel like active participants in the business and not passive observers. Gifts are an excellent way to appreciate employees for their hard work and commitment in moving the company towards its mission and vision. 

Customer loyalty

Gifts express appreciation to clients for their support in purchasing the company's products or services. When customers are gifted, they feel appreciated and are more likely to continue their business relationship with the business. In most business relationships, customers are the givers and businesses are the takers, which makes the relationship distant and indifferent. It is always refreshing when the situation changes and customers get to receive a gift from the businesses they transact with regularly. This simple gesture strengthens the bond between your company and the client, eliminating the common impersonal nature of business-customer relationships. 

Generates more business awareness 

Corporate gifts are branded bearing the company's logo and business name. This makes them excellent items for cost-effective marketing and advertising. As a business owner, you are most likely familiar with the hefty charges associated with traditional or digital marketing and advertising. When you gift customers, clients, and employees you spread out branded materials of your company in different places. These gifts become a constant reminder of your business to the people that have received the gift and everyone else who sees them. Constantly keeping your business in front of potential and existing client's eyes makes your company more memorable to them and could result in more sales. 

Strengthens B2B relationships

Just like with every other kind of relationship, business-to-business relationships need nurturing. Gifts are a great way of letting your business associates and allies know that they are valued and appreciated. While B2B relationships are already mutually beneficial, the act of gifting adds more effort into making the relationship stronger. It shows your business is more dedicated to developing positive relationships with those you do business with. Clients and employees are known to more likely engage when there is something extra for them to gain as is the case with corporate gifts.

Increase likelihood for referrals

Happy clients, employees, and business partners are more likely to refer your business to others when they feel valued and appreciated. As mentioned, gifts have a way of eliciting and fostering positive feelings. The aim is to position your business at an advantage over rivals so that your company is preferred when new opportunities arise for new contracts, tenders or sales. In many instances, you may find yourself unaware of new opportunities in your industry until other parties refer or inform you about them. Continuously gifting the different stakeholders in big and small ways makes your company stand out and become more memorable by fostering feelings of fondness within clients, employees, and associates. 

Creates positive business reputation

Just like social responsibility, gifts help the company develop a positive image within and beyond. When clients receive promotional gifts they will often associate the company with the positive feelings they felt upon receipt. It will show that your business is interested in the well-being of other parties and not solely profit-making. Corporate gifts can also build a positive brand image by showing associates and employees that your business takes their participation seriously and is willing to express that in physical form.  The occasional casual gifts reinforce these beliefs and are a constant genuine reminder of your company's positive values of valuing people more than material or financial resources or gains. 

Contributes positively to business branding

Every business has a brand, whether they create it intentionally or not. You can take a proactive approach to establish a brand by using corporate gifts. These gifts are associated with a company's goodwill. They shape how the gifted persons and the public perceive and recognize your company. Since gifts are not paid for, they display the values of generosity, care, and concern. These positive values can dramatically influence your brand to make it more appealing to different business groups.

One major tip for reinforcing your positive brand after gifting is to consistently engage in the practice of gifting. Develop a sustainable gifting routine that will allow your business to gift all stakeholders to maintain the already established positive brand. 

Corporate gifts are an excellent gesture of value and appreciation to your clients, employees and business partners. They help motivate employees and create a strong sense of job satisfaction, making them more committed and productive in the workplace. Gifts change the dynamics of client relationships by giving back to the client, which assures them of the value of their input in making the company grow in its industry. Corporate gifts also strengthen your business relationship with business partners and associate businesses by putting in extra effort to reinforce their value. On a larger scale, gifts can help your business create a positive brand, maintain it, and have a positive reputation.