But what exactly qualifies an advert or event to gain that title?

We think it's giving familiar faces a festive twist, and bringing them to life in a whole new way. Transporting a character that we already know and love into a new world, dominated by the Christmas spirit, is always going to get the audience's attention - and rightly so.

With this in mind, we've pulled together three of our festive favourites, who show their cheeky side over the Christmas period, and draw in the biggest crowds across the season.

Heathrow's Bears

Telling the story of an elderly couple coming home for Christmas, Heathrow Airport caught everyone's attention in 2016 with their quaint advert, set right in the heart of the terminals. Viewers watched in awe as the teddy bear pair navigated through the airport to retrieve their oversized luggage, and take in the wonders of duty free.

Doris and Edward Bair dominated the Christmas advert scene for two years, before Heathrow released a statement and revealed that the couple were taking a "much deserved break from the spotlight' in favour of hibernating.

Some of the highlights from the ad were Mr. Bair in his yellow speedos - something for the ladies - and the couple sharing a kiss under the mistletoe. More cute than cheeky, but still a great example of how incorporating characters into a campaign can really make people stop and listen.

Sainsbury's Watch Party

Each year, we constantly find ourselves waiting with baited breath to find out who - and what - the supermarket giants will welcome into their Christmas ads. Staying in 2016, and Sainsburys took on one of the most beloved television programmes - Gogglebox. Now, instead of just asking these newly famous faces to recite some of their iconic lines, they collaborated with stop-motion artists to create caricatures of three of the popular Gogglebox families.

These creations were woven into a seemingly-ordinary ad break from the actual tv show, so viewers at home were quite surprised when their telly-reviewing favourites started talking about Sainsbury's latest deals and festive ads whilst transforming into animated clay figures. 

What starts off as a standard heart-warming Christmas tale, soon turns into its very own animated mini-episode of Gogglebox. Using already established "characters" is a great way to get viewers automatically interested, and bring fans of the original show over to engage with Sainsbury's ad campaign.

Paddy Power's Elf

The star of this year's festive Paddy Power Bingo campaign is a mischievous elf named Chippy, who's really just a middle-aged man in pointy shoes, but nevertheless, ready and waiting to guide you through an interactive map of prizes and worldwide destinations.

This interactive virtual advent calendar is located on the Bingo homepage, for logged-in users to get involved with the action. Each day, players can click and move along, alongside Chippy, visiting a new famous monument and earning a new prize or bonus offer! Chippy may be cheeky, but he certainly gives back! He follows you across each location, sitting on the top of a rocket-fuelled sleigh - borrowed from Santa in the lead up to the big day.

For example, day one transports players over to the leaning tower of Pisa, with an offer of a £40 Bingo Bonus to all players who deposit and play £10 from their gaming account. These tempting offers come shrouded in the colourful graphics and click-to-trigger technology - meaning that all those who participate can interact with the campaign, as well as boosting their bankroll along the way.

So, who's next to get a festive makeover?