What do you do for business managers, active or thinking of joining LinkedIn?

I help business leaders get out of their LinkedIn shells. It's crazy how many shy away from it because they don't think they know what to post. I show them how to discover their unique voice, tell their stories well, and make LinkedIn finally work for them in raising their personal and business profiles. 

How did you find your voice as a business owner?

For the last 13 years, I've been helping brands like Save The Children, Pret A Manger, JUST EAT, and Rackspace bring their brand onto social media. It's made me appreciate how every brand has its own stories, tone, and voice. You have to approach them all differently to get the best results. I knew that starting my own business would give me a voice I could use  to help business leaders raise their online profiles.

Can you clarify your concept of people sleeping on LinkedIn?

Many business leaders still haven't recognised the full value of LinkedIn. They see a lot of loud voices, i.e., "influencers", on the platform and wonder if they need to sound like them to be successful. Truth is, success comes from being yourself. You can use LinkedIn to build long-lasting personal brands and relationships that raise your personal and business profiles.

You speak at events. Can you tell us more?

I love speaking at events like the BrightonSEO and the upcoming International Social Media Summit in May. There's nothing like engaging with audiences who appreciate the value of content. And on LinkedIn, we get to continue the conversation I started on stage in the DMs, too.

What was starting your business like?

It was scary and exciting, but I needed to learn fast. I tried to do everything at first - social media, copywriting, social video editing. I quickly realised I needed to specialise because it's hard to cut through when you're not known for anything as a generalist.

How do you approach writing content for LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is oversaturated thought leadership content; it's not enough to do that on its own anymore. It's those who are leaders in their communities that will stand out.

Before writing for my clients, it's crucial to understand their story first. Why are they in business, what drives them personally, and how are they active in the community? That's the rich content that will earn trust and build relationships with others.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love seeing my clients experience success on LinkedIn with content that truly represents them. By first understanding their values, purpose, and relationship with their audience, I can create content that goes beyond transactional relationships and simply making money. People who lead with empathy offer value to customers. They do well on LinkedIn.

What are your plans for the future?

The plan is to help more business leaders find their voice on LinkedIn! Of course, it's great for my clients, but selfishly - the more authentic content is out there, the more enjoyable LinkedIn will be.

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