SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO's remit as a rule is, directing and increasing traffic, engagement, and importantly sales, to a businesses online section using search engines. There are many ways of doing this and many facets included within this - which we cover in more detail in our other blog on our website. For now, we will focus on how video marketing can fit into all of this.

Generally speaking - video marketing is the application and deployment of video content for the purposes of promotion, whether that be brand, a product or general business. With that fundamental prospect in mind then, how can promotion fit in to your SEO strategy?

Well, video marketing and SEO have the same fundamental purpose, promotion. Regardless of medium - promotion is promotion, and it spreads and influences all of your other channels. That's the general purpose really, broadly speaking, your amazing video content is going to kick off, get people interested, people are going to search for you and that will improve your rankings (in layman's, for those versed in SEO don't judge just yet).

Now for the not so layman's - how it actually impacts on your seo.

In a little more detail. I'll preface this by saying that while there are plenty of platforms for video, YouTube really has the edge over others down to the fact that it's a Google product, so always receives preference in search (although they won't tell you that).

Let's presume that you have published the videos already, you have used some significant YouTube channels as advertising, you've run some youtube advertisement, and you have your own youtube channel with the videos loaded. What that is doing is building your brand, exposing people to the name of your business and product. You'll also have a fair few links through from your adverts.

Now, in terms of domain authority and backlinks improving that, these will not really contribute, however what it will do is contribute to one of the other major signals to improving search ranking; traffic.

Increasing the traffic considerably to your core pages, and having people click through to your site from search terms they've specifically entered to find you based on video content or content on videos that they've seen is going to really signal to search engines that they need to be ranking you higher. As the core principle of their business is to serve people with the correct answer to their query, if someone goes into search looking for a product and has to dig round to find it they've had a bad experience, the more people do that the more the search provider starts to notice, and then amend the search to reflect the change in demand.

So what you'll end up with is traffic coming through direct traffic from links, which will increase your overall site traffic (which is also a ranking factor) which will help your general keywords. As well as this you'll get traffic through organic and potentially google ads if you run youtube ads.

What you can really utilise video marketing for is increasing specific targets through a longer term strategy, what we mean by this is having a long running series of informational or entertainment content published online that will draw people to your brand, linked up with articles on the site that people can then follow through on, you can funnel that traffic directly to your main service pages - leaving you with two benefits; increased ranking potential, and increased direct sales sales.

We here at Eight Engines are admittedly pretty good at video marketing content, which is why we've made a business of it. We started with broadcast media and film, which is where most of our many year's experience lies - in great quality broadcast. We've decided to bring this quality direct to businesses without attaching a heavy price tag.

Thank you for reading and if you want more great quality info, or want to have a chat about your own marketing campaign - give us a shout on or 0161 503 0268.