A new survey showed that more than a quarter of workers who travel for work say they have arrived at a meeting only to find that they didn't need to attend. More than a third (37%) have had to travel to a meeting that could have been summarised in a single email.

About one in five people (17%) have had to travel to a meeting in a location that is most convenient for their boss and 30% said they showed their face in meetings because they feared it would negatively affect their career chances not to be seen to be there. Indeed, 36% of people only attend meetings ‘because they're told to' and see no productive reason for their attendance.

The figures come from Capita Travel and Events' report ‘The unnoticed impact of business travel'. The report demonstrates how these meetings are not just unproductive, but that travelling to them has a negative impact on the physical and mental health of the workforce.

It found that:

●        One in six people say that travelling to and from meetings impacts on their mental health.

●        More than a third of business travellers (37%) say travelling for meetings forces them to skip meals.

●        About a quarter of people say that work-based travel causes them to row with their partner.

To see explore the full findings, you can download the full report here.