Headquartered in Surrey, Better Indoors, is the sole UK distributor of RGF Environmental Group, manufacturers of innovative active air purification technology which effectively eliminates harmful viruses and bacteria, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Using no chemicals or harmful substances, the active air purification technology works by producing and maintaining similar concentrations of hydrogen peroxide molecules, as those found in the outdoor air. When coming into contact with microbials, the naturally occurring molecules break them down, destroy them and then revert the back to harmless water vapour and oxygen. The air purification technology produces 1 quadrillion of these molecules every second, quickly killing any airborne virus or bacteria, including COVID-19.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Better Indoors has helped many businesses create COVID-secure working environments with the installation of the RGF technology, including iconic insurance market, Lloyd's of London. Now, with the introduction of its own leasing and finance model, the firm hopes increasing numbers of organisations will be able to benefit from the technology without any concern over cashflow. 

Andrew Hobbs, Managing Director of Better Indoors, explained: "At Better Indoors, we genuinely feel as though it is our duty to educate UK organisations about RGF's innovative active air purification technology and its capability to control and help combat COVID-19.

In addition to lobbying Government officials, we are doing all we can to support businesses and other organisations, like Schools and Care Homes, that want to install the technology but may not have an immediate budget to do so. That's why we have launched our new leasing and finance model and feel optimistic its introduction will encourage more organisations to install the technology, helping to reduce the transmission of the virus UK wide."

Originally developed in the late 1990s with continuous evolution, RGF's PHI and REME active air purification technologies have been verified by nationally accredited independent labs and testing bodies in the US and by other Governments, with results also confirming a 99%+ inactivation for highly infectious viruses and bacteria, such as H1N1 or ‘Swine Flu', SARS, Norovirus, MRSA and Bird Flu, just to name a few.

In addition to numerous indoor applications in over 60 countries around the world including homes, offices, hospitals, schools, bars/restaurants, hotels, warehouses and food processing facilities, it is widely used in government buildings by the FBI, CIA and military facilities.

For more information, please visit Better Indoors