Founder and CEO, Michael Doolin, has new roles and titles for existing employees that will foster improved client relationships and company growth.

Founded as a one-man company in 2017, Clover HR now employs around 40 people and achieved a million-pound annual revenue last year. Having seen a significant influx of new clients in 2023, the consultancy expects continued success in 2024, with the aim of meeting forecast revenue predictions of £2m over the next three years.

With more than 120 retained HR clients and offices in Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and London, Midlands-born Clover HR hopes to take the rest of the UK by storm. In order to achieve its ambitious yet achievable targets, the company's leader has revised the company's customer relationship strategy and introduced changes to the senior leadership team.

Former HR Business Partner Leanne Porter has been promoted to Operations Director and will also be listed as a Clover HR Director on Companies House. In her new role, Leanne will be responsible for all core systems, processes, quality and continuous improvement.

Lynn Burman, who also worked as a HR Business Partner prior to the move, will likewise be listed as a Director on Companies House, in addition to taking on the newly introduced title of Commercial Director. In this role, Lynn will take responsibility for all client commercial growth and development.

Finally, Jenny Riley will take responsibility for service delivery, processes and behaviour as Director of Client Services, delivering high-quality, progressive HR services to Clover HR's continually growing client base. She will continue to be listed as a Director on Companies House.

These changes to the management structure are designed to realign focus on client service delivery and operational excellence, furthermore accelerating the drive for commercial growth. Following a series of recent award wins - including Birmingham Business of the Year and being listed as a top UK SME on the EB100 - Clover HR has succeeded in recognising its skills and strengths. The company is learning to harness that, embracing client feedback to provide bigger and better results.

Speaking about the strategic move, CEO Michael Doolin said:

"I am pleased to announce that, following a period of review, I have decided to make changes within our senior team. These changes are prompted by a review of our client relationship strategy, our growth ambitions and, ultimately, a desire to recognise potential and further build our growth.

I am delighted to be able to make these changes and am proud of all those above who continue to facilitate the growth and ambition of our business, whilst also staying true to our clients and always striving for service excellence".

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