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What used to be relatively comfy summers have now turned into downright hot seasons, and we've all experienced increasingly hotter temperatures in recent years. 45 degrees C is no longer a rarity, and when things get to this extreme, it can be very dangerous indeed. This has brought about the increasing popularity of air conditioning systems, not just in UK businesses but even in the average UK home. But other factors contribute to the emerging popularity of air conditioning systems across the country. So the big question is, why is air conditioning becoming more popular in the UK? Here are the answers.

Climate change

Global warming is a real thing, which has brought about some drastic climate changes, even in places that never felt the need for air conditioning. In the past, we used to be able to bear the heat during the summer - after all, it only lasted for a few weeks, and the temperature didn't get too high. But nowadays, with climate change happening all over, there is more demand for everything from fans to air conditioning units and systems for entire shops and businesses. In fact, online searches for air purifiers and fans have gone up, but air conditioners are by far one of the most popular search categories today.

Another contributing factor to the popularity of air conditioning is a population that is getting older. We have more senior people in the population than ever, and these people have more needs in terms of comfort and care. The fact of the matter is that summer heatwaves can kill - and elderly individuals are more prone to heatstroke than younger ones.

Changes in building construction

It may surprise you to learn that various changes in building construction have contributed to the rise in the popularity of air conditioning systems. Nowadays, the way we construct buildings is different from days past, and modern structures often come with huge glass panes - and these panes undoubtedly attract more sunlight, which can contribute to warmer indoor temperatures. If a room or space is too hot because of too much sunlight, it follows that it would require an adequate air conditioning system, like commercial air-conditioning from Sub Cool FM, to cool the space down. At the same time, more newly-built homes are now made with enhanced insulation, which means that these homes can now retain heat in a better manner- but it also means that these homes need enhanced ventilation.

Cities are also becoming denser and more populated, and we're not just talking about big cities like London. Even smaller towns are becoming more congested, creating a so-called 'microclimate' that makes the place hotter.

More system technologies available

Yet one more reason AC is fast becoming the norm is that more system technologies are available for consumers. More systems are highly energy-efficient, with inverter technology, for instance. With all these changes, the air conditioning revolution in the UK is ongoing - and it's time you benefited from it, too.