In a world where organisations face ever-evolving challenges in an increasingly complex digital landscape, talent management has never been more important. As the need for skilled cybersecurity professionals grows, so does the demand for effective leaders and innovative recruitment strategies.

Cybersecurity leaders are facing the impossible. Accomplishing more with less, while personally becoming increasingly capable as effective HR leaders to ensure that the teams can meet future demands. But it is no walk in the park. On top of those demands, a whopping 66% of digital leaders in the UK are blaming the lack of talent for slower tech transformation. And guess what? 42% of them say the talent shortage is hitting hardest in the cybersecurity domain. It is enough to give any leader a real cause for concern.

Reinventing Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Wildcat Careers believes that it is time to shake things up and ditch the old ways! Finding new cyber talent in an age where time and resources are precious means that specialist recruitment agencies are the route to bridging talent gaps at every level. And with 48% of UK businesses relying on such capabilities, leveraging that expertise is the game-changer.

What is more, a recent Indeed poll (2023) showed that 35% of companies are now using social media posts and paid ads to attract top talent. They are playing the culture and employer value proposition (EVP) card like a pro, and investment in recruitment has never been bigger. Having experts behind such tactics is how companies reign supreme. If you hire an agency to pitch your company and vacancy as the opportunity that every cybersecurity professional dreams of, then you have a sure-fire strategy. 

But here is the million-dollar question: How do you pivot from the traditional recruitment processes? Promoting clear requirements for roles, focusing on job qualities and skills, and making your job, copy and approach resonate with your ideal candidates is key. Rewriting the rules of cybersecurity recruitment to attract future leaders is even more important, as it is those leaders that ultimately make the decisions that make your cybersecurity divisions powerhouses or flops.

It is why people like Steve Katz is a true CISO pioneer. Citicorp saw his experience in security and knew he was the right man for the job. He played at the edge of security before security existed at a time when security teams and their leaders came from the IT department. But Steve Katz broke the mould. He had the tech know-how and learned security on the job in a true blend of leader, tech genius and talent champion.  

Unlocking Potential in Cybersecurity Talent

It is also why career coaching in cybersecurity is soaring in popularity and for good reason! As the world becomes increasingly digital and cyber threats loom large, the need for cybersecurity professionals to grow holistically is greater than ever. Career coaching services are the solution for aspiring cyber warriors on their epic journeys, and future managers to get their leadership game on. They are perfectly positioned to pinpoint what you need to get to the next level of your career and can work to help you plug the gaps in your cybersecurity people provision.

Services such as those offered by Wildcat Careers bring a total, humanistic approach to career coaching. From working on CV development to mastering interview skills for a potential career elevation, they also leverage the best methodologies to make you the leader who can take on key challenges like plugging a talent gap. Even seasoned cybersecurity champions such as CISOs benefit from career coaching. These services open doors to new opportunities and exciting roles within the industry. They provide a vital stop-moment to allow individuals to evaluate their skills and capabilities and create right mindscape to pivot their teams and functions to be resilient and ready for the changes the future will bring.  

So, cybersecurity talent, the time for change is now. Getting ahead of the game in recruitment, leadership and via the use of career coaching is the route forward. Just as you are the cybersecurity professionals that the industry goes to safeguard our digital realms;  recruitment and career coaching professionals are the experts you need to unlock your future potential.

It's time to rethink your talent game.

Wildcat Careers  founder Jane Matthews, REC

Wildcat Careers is a recruitment and career coaching specialist, with game-changing strategies for the cybersecurity, MSP and MSSP sectors. Winners of the 2022/23 Recruitment Specialist of the Year (Corporate Livewire Global Awards), Jane Matthews, the brain and brawn behind the outfit has also been voted as Best Independent Career Consultant with the Corporate Vision Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards. As a REC Professional Member and qualified DISC® Coach, Jane and her team offer a full complement of career support solutions, both in and outside of the technology sector.

They believe in going the extra mile in providing total support to clients and businesses, and with over 30 years of collective expertise, Wildcat Careers understands what is required to succeed in an ever-competitive world.

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