Just 6 weeks ago our clients and candidates were happily booking corporate and leisure passengers off to their next event or holiday, not knowing that almost the entire industry would be turned on its head and there would be a shutdown of all travel, resulting in job losses globally.

Urbanberry Recruitment have been suppliers of permanent staff to the travel industry for the past 2.5 years, a company set up through passion and determination to provide a reliable, personable and genuine recruitment service to a thriving market. With many years previous experience in recruitment, we, the Directors, (Emma Gregory and Caroline Wakil) combine excellent relationship building skills with a deep understanding of client needs, to focus on delivering a full recruitment service, whatever the industry our clients operate in.

We don't know when the travel sector will recover but we're confident it will, though it may look different to how we previously knew it. However, Urbanberry are currently looking to place some very talented and high-powered individuals, displaced by these unprecedented events, so please contact us below urgently for full details. We strongly believe in our candidates and know that many of the key skills that are absolutely essential for a successful career in travel, are transferrable to a number of other sectors and roles.

If you're a business looking to hire in particular, Personal Assistants, Admin, Travel Co-ordinators or Office Manager staff over the coming months, take a look at the reasons we believe you won't find a better pool of candidates to choose from than those from the travel industry, currently registered with Urbanberry.

Resilience: The travel sector is often hit by disruption - weather, strikes, airline collapses, natural disasters- the list is endless. Those staff who are at the forefront of the industry making the bookings for passengers are required to quickly source and provide alternative arrangements, often amidst total chaos. They keep calm, professional and liaise with airlines, hotels, rail and car hire companies in order to ensure the safety and well being of their clients.

Technologically minded: From mobile apps to multiple systems used for airline bookings, technology in the travel sector has never been so good. There is constant training in an industry that evolves regularly and new technology emerging all the time. Staff are quick to pick up new systems and procedures, it's imperative they learn to use them with minimal disruption to the flow of the business.

Exemplary Customer Service: Even in times such as now, when their own jobs are at risk and they are refunding money that should have gone towards their mortgage, travel industry staff remain with their clients at the heart of everything they do. Often going hugely above and beyond, working late, using their network of contacts to achieve results, doing all they can to secure a great deal, our candidates consistently show they are the epitome of customer service.

Personality: A sociable, humorous and vibrant community is how we'd describe the travel industry. Covid-19 has only exhibited even more of the energetic, determined and kind personality traits many of our candidates display. With regular offers to help each other, a focus on motivating each other to hang on in there, we've seen some fantastic shows of team work.

Adaptability: Travel industry staff deal with an enormous variety of people on a daily basis. From those seeking cultural weekends away through to organising events and conferences for 1000+ people, no two days are ever the same. Throughout the Covid-19 disruption, not even two hours are the same! A constant stream of changing information for travellers means working in high pressured situations, often juggling multiple projects and yet ensuring the work is done accurately and correctly.

Organisation and accuracy: Airline rules are strict- incorrect names on bookings result in fee's or passengers not being able to travel. Miss a digit off a quote and you've just cost your company thousands. Attention to detail is paramount for travel industry staff and they know it. They're good at checking their work, making sure what they tell their clients is correct and prioritising their days under minimal supervision.

Work with Urbanberry Recruitment and you'll gain access to an untapped pool of candidates, help to give new careers to a wonderful bunch of people AND discover just how well a small business like ours can deliver.

Contact us here for all your recruitment requirements:

 emma@urbanberry.co.uk and caroline@urbanberry.co.uk