The Money-Back Challenge means that franchisees have the opportunity to get their franchise fee back if they sell enough holidays inside an agreed time frame. The Money-Back Challenge is offered to all franchisees on the Elite package (£14,995), which is The Travel Franchise’s most popular offering.

Jenny Farenden, Head of Franchise Marketing at The Travel Franchise, comments: “We are the only franchise in the UK to offer a Money-Back Challenge, and while it’s not easy, people are consistently hitting their challenge targets and effectively getting their business for free. Dozens and dozens of franchisees have won the challenge so far. There are no strings attached, we see this as a great incentive for all our elite franchisees to hit the ground running and make a real success of their franchise.”

Ben Casey, a franchisee from Meriden near Solihull, adds: “At first I thought it (the MBC) was too good to be true. No other franchise offered it. However, they gave me all the support, encouragement and guidance I needed… you just have to work hard and believe in yourself.”

Award-Winning Climate Hero Programme

The Travel Franchise is delighted with the success of its pioneering Climate Hero programme which gives customers the opportunity to book a holiday as well as helping to protect and restore the planet.

The award-winning Climate Hero initiative enables customers to make a donation of around £5 per passenger when they are booking a trip. It has proved to be an overwhelming success, and actually a major selling point for some franchisees who report they have had customers donating up to £1,000. Since launching last year, the Climate Hero programme is set to raise £40,000, with money contributing to rewilding and restoration projects around the world.

Edinburgh franchisee, Mark McCardie, comments: “We have had a fantastic response to the Climate Hero initiative from all our clients. It is such a positive thing to be involved in, and just helps our business stand out even more. Booking a great holiday, and also doing your bit to help the environment, is definitely a win-win for everybody.”

Demand for the travel franchise is flying high

The Travel Franchise has just released figures to show that last month was a record-breaking October, the busiest ever across all areas of the company. Holiday sales are up 133% compared to pre-Covid levels in October 2019. Consumers are spending more on their holidays too, with current booking values at £4285 per holiday, compared to £3495 in October 2019. Consumers are spending more on their holidays too, with current booking values at £4285 per holiday, compared to £3495 in October 2019.

The Travel Franchise enables people to operate their own travel agent business from home without the risk of going it alone, and unlike many of its competitors, franchisees do not need any travel agent experience or qualifications to join.

Jenny Farenden explains: “Confidence in the travel industry has remained high over the last few years, but it has gone through the roof in 2022. This is easily our best ever year, and our franchisees are really reaping the benefits. It has never been a better time to come on board. We are one of the lowest risk franchises in the market. The Travel Franchise gives people the opportunity to become a personal travel consultant by owning an instant travel agency business from home. No travel industry experience is needed, as all our franchisees are given all the training, tools and technology needed to succeed.”

Franchises range between just £2,995+VAT to £49,995+VAT. For further details please visit: The Travel Franchise