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You might think you have all aspects of your marketing strategy covered, but is there one very important tool you're neglecting? Phone numbers are an invaluable tool in your marketing strategy and the branding of your business - especially when they are memorable.  

A memorable phone number can make all of the difference to customers, by improving the likelihood that they'll call your business rather than a competitor. Here are some tips for choosing a memorable phone number that's sure to get the phone ringing.

Choose a number that's easy to remember

When choosing a phone number for your business, it's wise to pick one that's easier for customers to recall. Certain features can make a number easier to remember. For example, numbers can be made up of:

  • Single repeats e.g. 1111, 2222
  • Repeated pairs e.g. 1122, 3344
  • Double repeated numbers e.g. 2323, 6464
  • Consecutive numbers e.g. 1234, 5678
  • Mirrored digits e.g. 1221, 4884

Make it catchy

If you're including your phone number in television or radio adverts, you should try saying numbers out loud to see which set of numbers sounds best and fits with your business brand.

'Earworms' are upbeat, predictable melodies that have long been used in advertising, as Vox.com says. A catchy phone number that fits to a tune can make your business's phone number more memorable to customers and easily recalled.

The advantage of an 0800 number

In 2015, Ofcom announced that calls from mobiles to 0800 numbers would be free of charge to customers, as well as landlines. While your business will incur costs from footing the bill of calls you receive, having a Freephone number can encourage more customers to contact you as they won't be charged. It also communicates to your customers that you prioritise customer service.

At Planet Numbers, you can choose from a variety of memorable 0800 numbers that your customers will never forget.

Try alpha-numerics

Adopting alpha-numerics in your phone number not only makes it memorable, but can even help with your marketing, too. Including a word in your phone number simply allows customers to spell it out by using the number buttons on a keypad that shows letters. For example, if you sell pet supplies, your number could read '0800 PETS', which would be '0800 7387'.

Take inspiration from memory techniques

As short-term memory can be limited, it's good to choose a phone number that can be easily remembered with a few memory techniques. For example, The Huffington Post has reported that most people can remember seven units of information on average. So if you have a long phone number, splitting this into manageable chunks when displaying it helps with retention and recall.

You could even choose a phone number that creates a pattern on a keyboard, as this will create 'muscle memory'. An example could be choosing a number with '1379', given that this uses all four corners of the keypad.


Does your business have a number already associated with it? Association can have a key influence over memory and could greatly help you to devise a memorable phone number. For instance, a business with a name including 'Millennium' could use '2000' within its phone number.