Safe Electric, a distinguished electrical contracting company based in Cambridgeshire, has recently garnered significant acclaim, bagging the 'Best Electrical Contracting Company' title at the prestigious SME News Southern Enterprise Awards. This recognition is a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to excellence in the realm of electrical design and contracting.

Innovative Electrical Design and Comprehensive Services

At the heart of Safe Electric's offerings is a robust portfolio of services catering to both domestic and commercial needs. These services include:

  • Tailored Electrical Design: Delivering bespoke electrical schematics and comprehensive reports for various projects.
  • Thorough Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR): Providing detailed inspection and testing for domestic, commercial, and industrial setups.
  • Expert EV Installation Services: Offering specialised EV installation, accompanied by a thorough load analysis, a service that underscores the company's commitment to evolving energy needs.

This comprehensive suite of services underscores Safe Electric's mantra of prioritising safety and innovation in every project they undertake.

Recognition for Excellence

Safe Electric's journey to the pinnacle of success in the electrical contracting industry is marked by numerous accolades. SME News has been instrumental in spotlighting outstanding SMEs across the UK since 2017. In their rigorous evaluation process, they consider various factors such as innovation, client dedication, business growth, and customer feedback. Safe Electric's recognition in these awards highlights their excellence in these domains.

Moreover, Safe Electric has been honoured as a ‘Three Best Rated' company, a distinction that speaks volumes about their stellar business reputation, customer satisfaction, and adherence to best business practices. This honour is bestowed only on businesses that exhibit exceptional standards in various aspects including history, reviews, satisfaction, and overall excellence.

The Cornerstone of Safe Electric

Safe Electric is not just about awards and accolades; at its core, it's about a team of dedicated and certified electricians. Their commitment to punctual project completion and adherence to the highest safety standards is evident in their services. The NICEIC Platinum Promise further fortifies the trust and peace of mind they offer to their clients. Their registered electricians, focused on local services within a 25-mile radius of their Ramsey, Cambridgeshire office, embody the company's ethos of providing reliable and high-quality electrical services.

The Driving Force Behind Safe Electric

The man at the helm of Safe Electric, Raphael Magnus, brings over 49 years of industry experience. His journey from lighting design in prestigious theatres to his current quest for further qualifications like the Large EV NVQ-3 and Domestic Battery NVQ-3, reflects his commitment to continuous learning and excellence. With a vast array of qualifications and accreditations, Raphael's leadership has been instrumental in shaping Safe Electric's ethos of excellence and innovation.

A Legacy of Distinguished Clients and Projects

Safe Electric's impressive clientele list, including notable names like the UK Government, Coca-Cola headquarters in Uxbridge, and HSBC Bank, showcases their versatility and capacity to handle diverse projects. From complete system installations to inspections and emergency services, Safe Electric has demonstrated their prowess across the UK and beyond.

To summarise, Safe Electric is a shining example of excellence within the electrical contracting industry. Their dedication to pioneering solutions, ensuring customer contentment, and being guided by an experienced leader like Raphael Magnus distinguishes them from others. With their ongoing growth and advancement in services, Safe Electric is well-positioned to maintain their leading position in the electrical contracting field.