Whether you work on the project online or at the office, surely you should have heard of some if not many project management tools. And if you have tried them, you should definitely know that they significantly simplify the work process, increase productivity and help solve many more obstacles that can be found in project planning and implementation.

Due to their growing popularity, today there are hundreds of tools of this type and it is quite difficult to find the one that best suits your needs and interests. Maybe you need an online Gantt chart maker, or a tool that will help to manage risks as well? Or maybe you are a researcher or a designer and need a special project management tool with specific features? No worries, we've got you covered. Our list of excellent project management software options for different industries will be your Alladin's lamp in accomplishment of project goals.

GanttPRO-  is an advanced online Gantt chart maker that will facilitate project planning and management. You may find both quintessential functions for successful project management as well as some tailor-made functions.

Among other options, it is possible to:

  • create tasks with hierarchies, dependencies, and milestones; trace the projects' state of affairs with critical path, baselines, and history changes;
  • keep track of deadlines, time spent on tasks by the team;
  • program project calendar for people or virtual resources.

What concerns collaboration opportunities, colleagues will benefit from simple and swift sharing with the help of public URL or on paper and export of project's parts in commonly used formats.

Among the advanced project management feature set, there should be distinguished a multitude of functions for budget and costs management.

Points to consider:

This project management software is multifunctional, so it will suit projects of any size and industry. At the same time, if you require a tool with many integrations, you should be aware that GanttPRO offers integrations only with essential applications.

nTask -  is a web-based project management platform with a comparatively comprehensible interface for agile management, small teams, and freelancers. In this software, you will operate on Kanban boards. In terms of functions, here you will be able to administer assignments and projects, work with timesheets, and oversee the working process altogether. Additionally, it is viable to document and estimate risks and monitor errors. 

The software provides for an advanced meetings management system, letting you schedule meetings and engage people straightway via their email, make notes of meeting key points and communicate them afterward to get comments.

Points to consider:

This is solid project management software. However, some users may lack personalization options and formatting possibilities.

Emdesk - is a full-featured project collaboration and work management solution for research and innovation projects. With its help, researchers and interested parties from one or several institutions can coordinate any stage of the project, being sure about top-level control and transparency. Along with that, EMDESK provides ultimate security measures, which is extremely important in relation to research and innovations.

In the same way as in any other project management software, in EMDESK users can initiate projects of any dimension and difficulty. The application helps to schedule tasks, estimate costs, and assign resources in real-time. Everybody can observe progress and expenses, using reporting features. All these functions help to save time and dedicate it to actual research.

Points to consider:

This project management software is designed specifically for research and innovation experts to work together in co-funded projects.

Conceptboard -This app is a virtual tool that advances project management and facilitates collaboration and is probably not a PM tool you imagine when you think about these types of tools. This app is a virtual tool that advances project management and facilitates collaboration. Along with administering tasks and holding control over the project, you may like some other particular features. 

For instance, among those features are Brainstorming possibilities, where project members can carry out online brainstorming rounds and turn into reality their ideas with sticky notes, sketches, and more instruments. Conceptboard may also be resorted to for Design collaboration. In that way, teammates can import artworks, bring together reactions, co-devise online, and present the work to the team or clients. On top of that, one more notable feature is the possibility to set up workshops and meetings at the premises of the app. 

Points to consider:

Conceptboard is not a conventional all-embracing project management software and maybe more of use for specific industries. Hence, groups working on creative businesses such as designing, ads, devising prototypes, and similar projects, would benefit from the application to a greater extent.

Inspire Planner - is an easily understood project management app that will be perfect for Salesforce projects. It embraces a broad range of progressive features that disentangle project management in that area. A common set of options consists of time tracking, allocation of resources, and specifying properties for them to optimize further work. 

In Inspire Planner you are offered a possibility to spread the project's information between colleagues, as well as with other Salesforce clients or external actors. The software syncs up Salesforce tasks that automatically emerge while assigning tasks to the employees. When Salesforce tasks are finalized, projects are adjusted appropriately. 

Regarding collaboration functionality, you will have Chatter that makes it possible to upload and keep all project-related documents in one place, give access to them and trace past versions.

Points to consider:

This is a robust PM software that without any doubt has every fundamental feature for smooth project management in salesforce.