The hugely popular Rebel Business School will be based in Westminster from June 7-18, with a message of hope for people of all walks of life.

The free online course, backed by Westminster City Council, is aimed at everyone, from those with no cash or business experience to fledgling start-ups that need guidance to keep on track.

Rebel has been to Westminster several times before and typically attracts between 100-200 people. Many who attend are unemployed, on low incomes or learning English as a second language. Other attendees are already running their own businesses but are looking for advice on how to progress.

In April 2021, Rebel Business School won a Queen's Award for Promoting Opportunity for its attendees. Rebel's events are led by successful entrepreneurs who share, first-hand, their experiences of running businesses.

"If you're skint, out of work or on benefits, this is for you. We never turn anyone away," says Simon Paine, co-founder of Rebel Business School.

"Many people in the UK will have experienced a really difficult time in the past year, but we are here to help them bounce back.

"We've worked with all kinds of people, teaching them sales, marketing, budgeting and more. But the big thing everyone refers to in the feedback is confidence. They learn to rebel against the negativity that's holding them back. They learn a ‘rebel mindset'."

Paine says that it is both possible and desirable to start a business right now, and that the legacy of Covid-19 should not stop anyone from doing so.

"Our message is simple. You don't need money, an expensive education or a big plan to start a business, you just need to find something you love and a bit of help.

"Now's actually the best time to be starting up. Everything has changed, the world has been shaken up and people who get moving can take advantage of the new situation," he says.

The Westminster Rebel Business School is available free of charge to participants, through sponsorship and funding from Westminster City Council, and anyone in the UK is welcome to attend. You can book a free place via the Rebel Business School website: