Indeed, no company can survive -- let alone thrive -- without adapting to new technology, industry trends, or organisational challenges. The key to ensuring positive, long-term business results, then, comes down to embracing change and preparing your team to accept new possibilities. Thankfully, this blog will help you do just that. Here are some key tips managers can use to adjust their team to a "new normal."

Emphasise education

It's no surprise that promoting training and development courses will help managers get their team up to speed when they need to make big changes around the office. Generally speaking, giving your employees lots of quality information and the time needed to consume it properly,  will ensure that they understand any new procedures or policies your company wants to implement. Note, the best managers make it a point to get actively involved in employee training. So don't be afraid to answer staff questions or address potential concerns they might raise. It's better to deal with them early on than after the changes have taken effect.

Celebrate Progress

Getting used to a new way of doing things can be challenging for even the most talented employees. As such, business leaders would do well to keep things positive by recognizing when team members make meaningful progress. Rather than focusing on errors or mistakes your team members may have made, highlight what they've done well and let them know you support their efforts.

Practice what you preach

Managers have a responsibility to lead by example. If, for instance, a corporation wants all employees to use a new system to log their hours, then each manager should change their habits first. You can't expect your staff members to engage in practices that you yourself don't.

Look at the big picture

Change may be inevitable, but it is not always welcome. If you find your staff resistant to a certain new policy or practice, then try to convince them of its value. Show them the bigger picture and explain how adapting to certain changes now will improve the company, streamline their own workload, and/or bolster overall morale and efficiency.


Leading a team through a difficult transition is a big undertaking for any manager. However, keeping a cool head will serve you well in this venture. Don't let the stress get to you, and always accentuate the positive. And, of course, keep in mind that the next big change could prove to be massively beneficial in the long run!