A new report from traffic management platform one.network has revealed that active travel in the UK has seen a dramatic increase during 2020. 

The Works in Progress report analysed how national lockdowns affected the UK's utility sector, planned roadworks and the nation's travel habits.

As well as the huge uptake in cycling, walking and jogging, lockdown restrictions meant UK residents turned to active travel for exercise, with gyms and fitness centres unavailable through enforced closure. 

Following this increased demand, the government announced plans to invest £2billion into new cycling and pedestrian-friendly paths. 

Although the Works In Progress report showed roadworks were only down by around 5% in 2020, compared to an average of the previous three years, this is expected to change dramatically in 2021 with more works being planned following the announced investment. 

Simon Topp, Chief Commercial Officer at one.network, commented "The Works In Progress report has allowed us to see exactly how much national lockdowns have affected the travel habits of UK residents throughout 2020, as well as the impact on the utilities sector. 
"We were not too surprised to see restrictions having a huge impact on the way people travel and it is encouraging to see investment in cycling and pedestrian lanes on the back of growing demand. 
"This highlights the challenges to the street works sector, given the quantity of road changes made in a short time period to facilitate the growth in active travel. It has increased the importance of data to ensure works promoters are aware of these changes as they plan, and to prevent disruption to the travelling public as they make wider use of different travel modes." 
Data from the report showed the number of roadworks dipped significantly at certain points throughout 202,  due to restrictions being eased and then put back in place again. 

However, towards the end of the year in November, in-month numbers were up 16% compared to an average taken from the previous three years. 

This is expected to carry on in 2021 as utility companies, contractors, and local authorities continue to catch up on delayed projects, as well as carry out newly planned works. 

Find out more by downloading the full Works in Progress report here: