When the correct precautions are taken and the trip is well-planned in advance, you can transform an otherwise tedious business trip into a rather enjoyable one. The key is to know how.

Business owners and frequent business travelers have an abundance of tips and tricks to offer, ranging from trying your luck for upgrades by dressing your best, all the way to reducing packing/unpacking time by having a dedicated, pre-packed business bag. There's a lot on the table in the way of making business travel easier and more exciting, but which tips are really worth their salt?

Top business travel tips

As business travel begins its steady recovery following the pandemic, here are the business travel tips you need to be mindful of when going on a work trip, courtesy of self-professed business travel experts.

Choose the right accommodation

First and foremost, you need to think about where you're going to be staying. When you go on a leisure trip, you'll likely use your hotel room as more of a place to get ready and rest your head, ensuring it's close to all the top attractions. Things like internet speed and noise levels might not even cross your mind when choosing a hotel for a personal vacation, but when you're going on a business trip, the priorities shift.

You need a room that has an iron and an ironing board, a full size wardrobe, fast and reliable Wi-Fi, good public transportation links and similar clientele to yourself. Depending on the length of your stay, an onsite launderette wouldn't go amiss, either. You want to make sure you have the facilities to look sharp and groomed throughout your business trip, but also a room that you can work in comfortably without hindrance. A business class suite is a plus.

To maximize your next business trip, see if there's an onsite gym, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, sauna or masseuse. Whilst you're there for work purposes, you need to unwind at some point, so having luxury facilities available within the same building is a big win in terms of revitalizing you after your day of traveling and ensuring you're able to get out of the working mindset for a short time. After all, you need to tackle jet lag before you can perform at your best.

Always dress for the occasion

The next tip is to make sure you're always dressing for the occasion. Normally, when you travel for leisure, you'll opt for something more casual and comfortable, such as athleisure wear. When you're a business traveler, traveling in such attire simply isn't an option. Even if you're off the clock, you're still a walking representation of your company, meaning you need to ensure you're dressed in a professional manner.

This doesn't necessarily mean turning up to the airport in a three-piece suit, but it does mean making sure you look presentable. Some frequent business travelers even encourage dressing with the intention of getting upgrades, based on their experience that, sometimes, if you look the part, you might just sneak your way into a better seat or a nicer room at the hotel. Generally speaking, dressing in a way that allows you to saunter into a business meeting if necessary is a good way to look at it.

Invest in good luggage

Luggage is the difference between a comfortable trip and a strenuous one. For a business trip, it's unlikely that you're going to need a huge suitcase, which puts the onus on carry-on luggage. In line with dressing to impress, make sure your hand luggage is in line with your professional attire. Bags emblazoned with large logos may give the impression that your business endorses another, and this can be problematic for several reasons, aside from the fact it doesn't look professional.

Good business luggage can be used for personal trips, too, but the same can't be said the other way round, making it all the more important to invest in a good carry on bag. Emigre has some excellent pieces that are perfect for business travel. The minimalistic design is coupled with protective interiors to keep valuables, including technology, safe during your trip. On top of this, bags like their Boston bag are equipped with several compartments to keep clothes and belongings separate, so should you find time in your trip for leisure, you can pack those essentials, too.

Download offline maps for a successful business trip

When you travel to a new place, you can't be sure what sort of mobile reception you might get. If you're responsible for getting from point A to point B but don't have access to live GPS, you'll be in a spot of bother. As a backup, make sure you download your maps offline, ensuring you're able to know where you're going, even if there is no nearby internet connection. This is arguably one of the most important business travel tips and one that could be the difference between you letting down a client or not.

Don't over-plan a business trip

One of the biggest mistakes people make when embarking on business trips is over-planning; trying to cram every last thing into every available minute. Not only is this a sure-fire way to induce burnout, but it also means one small delay or inconvenience can throw off an entire trip.

Give yourself breathing room between meetings. This will act as a buffer if there are travel issues, especially where international travel is concerned, and if not, it will give you time to recharge and do a bit of exploring on your own.

Utilize a Rewards Credit Card for business trips

Finally, almost every travel expert can contest that getting a rewards credit card to travel with is one of the best ways to make the most of your trip. Depending on the provider, you could get access to airport lounges, Global Entry TSA permission, in-flight Wi-Fi, travel insurance, Uber credit and much more. These are all small perks that can turn a mundane trip into a slightly more luxurious experience, making it well worth doing. Just make sure to shop around and find the right card for your type and frequency of travel.


There are plenty of tips for business travelers to take on board, including making sure to book direct flights where possible, always preparing items like a boarding pass and passport well in advance, being gracious to flight attendants and service staff, remembering to adjust your watch to local time, and bringing snacks with you on your travels. These tips, combined with those above, will go a long way to ensuring you have a successful business trip.