However, with the global COVID-19 pandemic, travellers from all countries are having to  reconsider their  plans in order to avoid being infected by the virus, no matter where they visit.

This article will provide you with the information you will require when visiting and travelling safely to the best tourist attractions in Egypt currently. At the moment it is very straight forward for a UK citizen to obtain a  Visa to visit Egypt, so you will  benefit from planning where you want to go in advance, to avoid places where it might not be safe for tourists to visit

What is the Present Situation of COVID-19 in Egypt?The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the entire world, including Egypt, causing a major reduction in tourism, one of the major sources of revenue for the country. The situation is improved and a little more under control now but there are new cases of COVID-19 being admitted to Egyptian hospitals daily. However, the number of these cases has reduced greatly, and the rate of the infection curve has started to flatten out .

Why are areas of Egypt unsafe?

When it comes to travelling to Egypt, some tourists find the mummification of ancient Egyptian royalty scary. However, a more common reason why visitors need to pay more attention to where they visit in Egypt, has come from the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, It started with  strikes, civil resistance, occupations of plazas, marches, and demonstrations that took over the nation. While the protests initially started peacefully, they soon became very violent and for some time Egypt resembled a war zone  and was not a place  to travel to casually. Subsequently the country was included on the " do not travel to"  advisory lists of  many nations, including Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK.

How safe is Egypt now?

Based on the events described above, it is clear that the past decade has had a destabilising effect on Egypt and the pandemic has made things worse. However, tourism is a major part of the Egyptian economy and you will find the attractions that have amazed people for thousands of years well protected and safe places to go and admire the incredible feats of engineering that have withstood the ravages of time for many centuries. Unlike for example the Sinai Peninsula and Libyan border where the risk from terrorism is too great to consider visiting. Clearly, the country is not completely safe for travelling but a major part of the nation is very welcoming to tourists, which is why major tour operators still take clients on tours with guides that are very familiar with the country, sites and the country's culture and most importantly, where to go and where not to go.

There are many places to visit in Egypt but which are both popular and safe to visit?

Once you fully appreciate the situation and are aware that Egypt is quite safe in some places and extremely unsafe in others, the most visited tourist destinations of Egypt which are the safest, are given below.

1: Pyramids of Giza

Of the ancient world, the Pyramids of Giza are the last survivors and are among the world's top touristic destinations. They are not only mesmerising to see but also have a great history associated with them.

2: Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum located in Cairo is one of the best museums in the world The mansion that houses the many ancient exhibits is pink in colour, which not only represent the culture of the country but also its history. Many of the mummies that have been located within burial pyramids over the years are displayed in this museum

3: White Desert

The White Desert of the country is as amazing it sounds. The chalk mountains have a snowy look and this is all in the middle of the sand. The entire place looks like a scene from a science fiction movie or an artic vista with white mountain pinnacles resembling icebergs in the distance.

4: Islamic Cairo

The streets of Cairo represent the Islamic culture many of them having monuments as old as the Fatimid era and as new as the Mameluke era, along with madrassas and mosques. If you are a shopper look our for perfume, spice, textiles and even ceramics.

To summarise

When it comes to travelling, Egypt is on the bucket list of many travellers, however, some find the recent history and riots that took place a decade ago unsettling and Covid 19 has not helped at all. Areas of the country are unsafe due to the potential for terrorist acts but travel there is restricted and it is still safe to travel to the recommended tourist areas where visitors are warmly welcomed by the residents.