Rail Europe, the leading provider of European train tickets and passes, is delighted to introduce its latest addition: the Eurail Greek Islands Pass, is now part of its B2B inventory and available via its B2B website and API.

"With the launch of the Eurail Greek Islands Pass, we are proud to present an unparalleled opportunity for our B2B partners' to enhance their customers' travel experiences. The Eurail Greek Islands Pass serves as a gateway to a myriad of experiences across Greece's captivating islands, from the alluring glamour of Mykfonos to the inspiring landscapes of Santorini, and the pristine serenity of Crete, three top destinations in Europe. We are thrilled to foster further collaboration with our partners as we jointly promote this unique pass and showcase the captivating islands it encompasses.", says Björn Bender, CEO & President, Rail Europe.

The Eurail Greek Islands Pass allows travellers to explore the Greek islands via national ferry lines - Superfast Ferries, Minoan Lines, Grimaldi Lines, Blue Star Ferries - for 4 domestic travel days, as a mobile pass. It's also a great addition to the Eurail Greece pass, for travellers willing to visit highlights like Athens, Thessaloniki and Olympia, or the European continent as a whole. Eurail passes is the perfect choice to discover the wonders of Europe by train. Rail Europe's trade partners from across the world have been promoting and selling these rail passes for decades. Considered as the most popular pass, Eurail Global Pass is seen by many as the easiest way to travel within Europe. It offers unlimited rail travel across 33 destinations in Europe, giving travellers a unique experience and an in-depth knowledge of the European culture.

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New Business comments

We love Greece, the people, the Greek way of life and have visited more than 20 islands over time from Thassos and Skiathos to Samos near the Turkish mainland. The four day pass is a great way to see a number of them but you have to consider the distances involved and plan carefully before buying one. In another life I spent 6 months travelling around the islands and you have just four days. Take the highly popular island of Mykonos in the Cyclades for example. It is is a 5 hour boat ride from Piraeus or 2.5 hours on a high speed ferry...if your ticket allows you to use it. Once there you can visit Paros (an hour's ride) and the tiny but gorgeous island of Anti Paros (approx. 30 mins from Paros) which I highly recommend, where Tom Hanks has a house but remember, on one of these four days you will need to get back to Piraeus and you can do that from Paros. There are islands much nearer Piraeus but these three would fill your days with others 45 mins ish ride away.

Santorini is another great destination but I would mention it is about 145 miles from the mainland and potentially a 9 hour ferry ride. After leaving Athens, you don't want to spend all your time on ferries, so planning is the way forward and serious time table checking.