Able to reach up to 23 floors, they are currently the tallest rescue platforms in the UK.
The 693rd Lord Mayor of the City of London, Vincent Keaveny, will inspect one of the ladders, which will be fully extended, at the Mansion House where the Lord Mayor's Parade will start on Saturday 13th November 2021.
The three super high-rise aerial vehicles will be deployed across London by the Brigade for a wide range of tasks including aerial monitors to put water on buildings from height, high-level lighting, extraction, and as observation platforms. Previously aerial appliances with higher reach ladders were unavailable on a chassis size which would allow the vehicles to navigate London's streets.
Commissioner of London Fire Brigade Andy Roe said: "I am very grateful for our partnership with Freemasons of London which has enabled two 64m ladders to join our fleet. The ladders are the tallest in the UK and will improve our ability to respond to a variety of incidents by allowing us to reach greater heights and will improve our observational awareness.
"Each of the vehicles has a rescue elevator to safely and quickly transport firefighters and casualties to the ground from height, be able to deliver 2,500 litres of water per minute at any height.
"On behalf of the London Fire Brigade, I express my gratitude to Freemasons of London and all of their members who have raised an extraordinary amount of money to fund vehicles that will help us protect Londoners."
Sir Michael Snyder, head of the London Freemasons added: "On behalf of every London Freemason, I am delighted that we have made this donation in support of the London Community. These extended height aerial vehicles will help better equip the busiest fire and rescue service in the country. London Masons are proud to support the London community and help make London a safer place to live and work, it follows successive appeals to purchase a state of the art Cyberknife for Bart's Hospital, five rapid responder cars for the London Ambulance Service, and the recent two million pounds donation to help fund London's badly needed second Air Ambulance".