Rebel Energy, a startup energy supplier, has announced that it has raised more than £220,000 in crowdfunding in just seven days.

The UK's newest energy brand launched its fundraising campaign with Crowdcube on 2nd  March, offering nearly 2.5% equity in the business to raise £150,000 over a four-week period. And within seven days, it has attracted over 270 investors and far exceeded its target. 

Rebel Energy is due to launch to the UK market over the summer, with a strong social mission to tackle fuel poverty and make renewable energy accessible to all stratas of society. The company's innovative manifesto includes; affordable tariffs with flexible payment methods including weekly direct debits for vulnerable people, 100% renewable electricity, non-profiteering from carbon offsetting initiatives and investment in programmes to increase biodiversity and positively impact the community.

"We're absolutely delighted with the support we've received from the Crowdcube community, both financially and otherwise. It's particularly thrilling to see investors wholeheartedly engage with our mission to make renewable energy accessible to all" said Penelope Hope, CCO and Co-Founder at Rebel Energy. "We note a growing trend of awareness around the root causes of environmental decline - injustices such as a lack of education and employment opportunities or inadequate housing provision. Our intention is to spearhead a movement of change that addresses these injustices, paving the way for a more equitable and sustainable future." 

The money raised through the crowdfunding will be used for marketing and advertising in the run up to launch and to strengthen Rebel's capabilities, including service underpinned by AI at their customer service centre in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Rebel Energy will start onboarding a small number of customers from the spring before its full market launch in the summer. 

"This is the first time an energy company has gone to market with a joined-up social and environmental mandate, committing to affordable green energy tariffs for everyone," said Dan Bates, CEO and Co-Founder at Rebel Energy. "We're setting out to show what an ethical and affordable energy supplier looks like in the UK, one that not only champions renewable energy but also helps address fuel poverty and protects the most vulnerable people in our society."

Rebel Energy is addressing inequality in the industry by developing strategies that help people who are struggling with their energy bills. It will use next-generation credit checks to put customers onto better tariffs and improve their credit ratings, in a market environment where 50% of UK households are financially vulnerable, contributing to 16,500+ cold-related deaths in 2018*. In addition, automation strategies will ensure Rebel Energy has a lean operational model to provide genuinely excellent customer service.

For more information, please visit  Rebel Energy

To view and possibly join Rebel Energy's fund raising programme while it is still live, view their pitch at Crowdcube