I've always dreamt of owning a Tesla. The sleek lines, the innovative spirit: it's not just a car - it's a statement. But like many, I couldn't believe the price tag. Luxury, undoubtedly. Accessible? Not quite.

Then, I discovered salary sacrifice. It's a game-changer - in exchange for a small portion of your pre-tax salary, you get something more valuable in return. For me, it was my new Tesla. I couldn't believe that more people didn't know about this incredible benefit. Not only does EV salary sacrifice offer savings of up to 60% compared to a personal lease, it is also an opportunity to unlock accessible electric transport across the UK.

That's why we founded loveelectric - to give everyone the opportunity to drive their dream EV.

Salary sacrifice made that possible for me. It wasn't just about the drive; it was a commitment to a cleaner future, one my kids could be proud of. Seeing their faces light up when I pulled up was a moment I'll never forget.

However, as much as I relished the zero-emissions driving experience, I realised that an electric car was still out of reach for many of my teammates. While salary sacrifice had made owning an EV more accessible than ever before, the monthly price still meant that not everyone could enjoy the benefits of driving electric.

So reloved® was born. It's more than a platform; it's the key to unlocking a future where driving an electric vehicle is attainable for everyone, regardless of their salary. Now, someone on £26,000 can drive an EV, a huge drop from the previous £35,000 threshold. We've shattered the entry barrier.

Driving a reloved® electric car isn't just about affordability. It's about embracing the future, being part of a sustainable shift. It's about pride in making a choice that benefits both you and the planet. For businesses, it's a chance to strengthen their eco-credentials - an essential factor for today's eco-conscious consumers and employees.

Not only does reloved® make driving electric more accessible than ever, but it's also the ultimate safety net for businesses. Employees can re-list their lease at any point, meaning if their lease needs to end early for any reason, they can do so without any fuss. It's about flexibility and reassurance for both employers and employees in our community.

As we aim for the UK's net zero target, electric vehicles are a ‘when,' not an ‘if'. The question isn't ‘why electric?' but ‘why not?'. Choosing an EV salary sacrifice scheme is more than a business decision; it's a stride towards a greener future.

So, join us in dismantling barriers. With loveelectric and reloved®, electric cars are no longer just a choice; they're an obvious step forward.

Visit loveelectric.cars to find out more about how your company could benefit from accessible electric cars.