This hare brained and "lets make it up as we go along" scrappage scheme using clean air as an excuse to make a financial crisis even worse, is to be extended to us living in the expanded area from August 21st.

For those with no benefits stuck in this lunatic's dreamland , we can't at the moment even apply to scrap our working vehicle until August 21st, even though he won't delay the extension to ULEZ which will impact on hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses on August 29th. So, currently in that 8 day period we have to apply to have our perfectly good vehicle scrapped and the funds are limited as per email sent out to applicants. Then the decision to approve your scrappage grant can take 10 days and is by no means certain as funds are limited. If you are one of the lucky ones you can now go destroy your perfectly good vehicle scrapping your car for a hand full of small change at an official scrapping point that may or may not be anywhere near where you live.

Then with no transport and no money, send the ULEZ robot a scrappage certificate.  

At this stage if the money hasn't run out and you are one of the chosen ones, this will kick in " we will process your grant payment cheque once we have received and verified the evidence that you have scrapped or retrofitted your vehicle. Your cheque will be made payable to the applicant (you) and sent by post to the address on your RUC account"   Delays at every stage of the process and now in the digital age, with digital cameras making your life hell, the "lucky ones" receive a cheque. Give me strength.

 What's the bet that:

A:  A large percentage of August 21st applicants get refused as the funds have gone possibly before August 21st.

B: Those that have had their grant eventually approved spend about a month before they have the scrappage money cleared and in their account, so they can then put a small deposit on another vehicle they didn't need in the first place and start the buying process if you have additional funding to complete the purchase.

These are the actions of a smoke screen administration that couldn't give a dam what hardship they cause "just give me the money!"

Can you imagine the French tolerating these bullying tactics?