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House prices fall again
The rate of house price falls slowed to 0.9% in June from the record 2.5% in May, according to figures released by Nationwide Building Society. But prices were now 6.3% lower than they were a year, the research found, and the average price of a house has fallen by over £13,000 since the market peaked in October 2007 ... more

Businesses face further fuel rises
Businesses and consumers could see energy bills increase by 20% on top of market rises to pay for the cost of meeting the EU’s 2020 emissions target. The warning comes from Ernst & Young, which estimates that the UK needs to find £100bn for the investment needed to achieve the target of cutting green emissions by 20% by 2020. ... more

Confidence falls to near record low
Consumer confidence is almost at the record low point recorded during the recession of the early 1990s, according to research by GfK NOP. The consumer confidence index recorded a score of -34, compared to the total of -35 reached in March 1990. ... more

Bill proposes positive discrimination
The government has outlined plans that will allow companies to discriminate in favour of female and ethnic minority candidates when recruiting. The aim is to allow companies to choose a woman or ethnic minority candidate over a man or white candidate if the two have identical ability. ... more

Small business hotspots named
Smaller towns are producing more entrepreneurs per head than larger cities, according to research conducted by O2. The study names Leicester, Preston, Ipswich and Tonbridge as the nation’s small business hotspots, with Peterborough, Chelmsford, Oxford, Gloucester, Chester and Newcastle-upon-Tyne making up the top 10. ... more

Report reveals flood weaknesses
The official report into the summer floods of 2007, which accounted for 13 lives and saw thousands of businesses and homes flooded, has made a number of recommendations designed to prevent a repeat. The proposals include new building regulations for areas that are susceptible to flooding and a new centre run by the Met Office and the Environment Agency with the aim of providing more accurate wa... more

One in two staff ‘undervalued’
Half of all employees do not feel valued in the workplace, according to research conducted by the Workplace Intelligence Unit. The report found that five out of 10 staff believed colleagues did not value their time, often turning up late to meetings or cancelling at the last minute, while three out of 10 said colleagues not respecting others’ views was a big problem in their company. ... more

New carbon standard launched
Businesses will be able to demonstrate their green credentials under a scheme announced by The Carbon Trust. The body hopes the system will put an end to so-called “greenwash” where companies can claim they are environmentally friendly without having to meet any exact criteria. ... more

Marketers lose customer data
Six in 10 marketing professionals admit to having lost customer data after a security breach and nearly 90% of these cases are not revealed to customers, according to research by internet security company StrongMail. The survey also revealed that a minority of businesses would give out customer information to third parties if it resulted in a sale, with 20% prepared to give out credit card det... more

Record growth for retail spend
Retail spending rose by a record rate in May, prompting fears that interest rates will have to rise again in a bid to prevent inflation soaring out of control. Figures from the Office for National Statistics claimed sales rose by 3.5% in May, the strongest growth in a single month since January 1986. ... more

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