From the entire employee journey to payroll and benefits packages, conducting disciplinary actions and regularly reviewing and updating all your company policies, it's clear that without your HR department, your business would unravel rather quickly.

One of the biggest challenges that HR face daily, is the handling of disputes amongst employees and other departmental clashes. If your company invests in HR software to help with the more menial and time-consuming tasks that plague HR reps, the more time they'll have to handle these larger issues and the more effective the results will be. To find out which businesses need HR systems, click the link.

Here we'll take a look at some of the most common disputes handled by your HR team. Read on to find out more.

Hours and wage issues

Above all else, your employees expect to be paid the correct amount and always on time, no matter what. Sadly, it's not always as straightforward or simple as that. Holiday periods, tax codes, absence, maternity or paternity leave, employee benefits and bonuses, unpaid time off...the list goes on. Not forgetting additional issues such as problems with the "clocking in/out" software and discrepancies regarding overtime. HR is ultimately responsible for everything to do with payroll, this is why more companies than ever are turning to HR software to help manage these processes and reduce the likelihood of mistakes and payment disputes. 

Issues with safety in the workplace

Again, the development and implantation of health and safety regulations and practices in the workplace fall to HR. They're responsible for ensuring everyone understands what is expected of them, what to do in an emergency and that all correct safety equipment and training is available when required. HR reps can turn to software that can help them keep track of compliance data, onsite training and keeping up to date records to help keep these issues at bay and to help keep employees safe.

Employee retention

When employees decide to leave a business in droves, there may be something wrong with your HR practices. The employee recruitment, onboarding and training process is incredibly lengthy and expensive. So, losing those sought after employees a few months after completing the process can be a devastating blow for your business. To combat these issues, HR departments should look to install HR software.

This clever and intuitive software allows you to improve employee engagement and completely tailor the recruitment and onboarding processes, this seamless candidate experience helps employees settle into their new roles quickly and feel at home within their new working environment. 

Final thoughts...

The roles and responsibilities of your HR department are far-reaching. And helping them resolve these kinds of issues quickly will help them focus on the bigger picture - helping your business move forward.

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