Local Government has been underwhelmed with numerous failed digital transformation projects over the past decade. Recognising the paramount importance of equipping clients for seamless business transformation, and wanting to revitalise the marketplace, de Novo Solutions proudly announces its strategic partnership with Embridge Consulting.

This collaboration unites the strengths of two renowned industry leaders to provide unparalleled support in navigating the complex landscape of digital transformation in this sector.

Officially launched in 2021, de Novo Solutions is a specialist SME digital consultancy which has honed a niche in the experience economy by ‘re-imagining the world of work' through the delivery of data driven personalised experiences over standardised business processes using Oracle Cloud and ServiceNow, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics to drive insight.

Over the past 12 months de Novo has established itself as one of the UK's fastest growing public sector technology companies securing over 10 new Clients and digital transformation projects with revenues of over £10m.  

Headquartered in Gravesham, Kent, Embridge Consulting is fast-becoming one of the UK's leading business transformation and change specialists, and boasts a proven track record in operational expertise across Public Services organisations including Local Government, Higher Education, Non-departmental bodies, Health and Emergency Services.

Dedicated to helping businesses reduce execution risks, maintain alignment throughout projects, enhance team performance and build trust across their organisations, Embridge Consulting has achieved impressive growth over the last 12 months, having delivered 25 new digital change projects and secured 8 new managed service clients, including Brunel University and AutoTrader.

In joining forces, de Novo Solutions will now be providing organisational change management as part of its service offering. This is in recognition of the vital role it can play in facilitating successful cloud deployments, while delivering maximum value for tech investment. Mark Sweeny, Founder and Chief Executive of de Novo Solutions, explained: "Embridge Consulting is an exciting and fast-paced change management specialist, boasting an exceptional track record in delivering operational transformation for organisations across the UK - particularly in public sector. Their reputation in local government is second to none.

In joining forces with Emma and the Embridge team, we can successfully empower clients to embark on transformation journeys with confidence, enabling them to thrive in the digital era by ensuring they are fully prepared to maximise the opportunities presented by Oracle Cloud and ServiceNow. I am incredibly excited about this new partnership, and we are already busy mobilising ourfirst project together."

Emma O'Brien, Founder and CEO of Embridge Consulting, added: "The de Novo reputation in the Oracle Cloud marketplace is renowned for delivery and service excellence, being the pioneers of the technology a decade ago. Their knowledge and approach is truly different and constantly raises the bar. In pooling our expertise and operating as a united force, the de Novo-Embridge partnership represents a significant milestone in the mission of both companies to empower Public Servicesorganisations with the capabilities and expertise required to excel in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. The cultural alignment across both of our teams is a perfect match. Change in this space is long overdue, and this partnership offers organisations a much needed alternative."

For more information visit de Novo Solutions and Embridge Consulting