Through the business, Gary provides online courses and mentoring focused on generating leads, increasing sales, and maximising profits.

NB: What was the inspiration behind your business?

GD: I spent 10 years building a business to a team of 15, a turnover of £750,000, and six-figure profits. Sure, this gave me a great life, but I hated the fact that I'd achieved all this without knowing all that much about business. I'd achieved success because I'm a ‘doer'; someone who's not afraid to take action. I did absolutely no marketing for that entire decade, instead buying leads from third parties and paying roughly £20,000 every month for them. Put simply, I was trapped because, if I stopped paying, I knew that the leads and the sales would dry up. I just felt like a hamster on a wheel, never going anywhere but unable to get off.

I started Active Success to make sure that no one else starts and grows a business while making the same mistakes that I did, and that they get the education needed to build a better company. This will empower them to enjoy the income and lifestyle that they want by generating leads, increasing sales, and maximising profits themselves.

NB: Who do you admire?

GD: Anyone who overcomes adversity and does the unthinkable. Alex Hormozi is one such person who springs to mind, having gone from being in debt in 2016 to selling two thirds his company in 2021 for $46.2 million. To have done this in such a short space of time, and under the age of 35, is nothing short of incredible, and worthy of much admiration.

NB: Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

GD: If I could turn back the clock, I'd really double down on learning about marketing and lead generation - both subjects that I've now literally written the book on - earlier. Had I done so, I'd have been far more self-sufficient right from the start, and wouldn't have had to spend so much money on having others generate leads for me.

NB: How do you run your business?

GD: The growth model I've had success in business with comprises the following six steps: generate leads, refine sales, optimise systems, develop a working strategy, track finances, and hone your team. This approach provides an infinity cycle for success, and is fundamental to how I run my own business.'

NB: What advice would you give to something starting out in business?

GD: Focus on leads and sales above anything else. Tell everyone you know about your business, and ask everyone who you work with for a testimonial and referral.

‘Surround yourself with people who run businesses like yours so you can learn not only what you should be doing, but also the pitfalls that you should avoid. Everything costs time and money, so you can save on both by learning vicariously through the successes and failures of others.

‘What's more, social media is free, so use it to build a brand and connect with people - it's better, easier and cheaper than many other methods of marketing, and an intrinsic part of building a successful business in 2024.'

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