New research  from DSA Connect, an IT asset disposal company that specialises in the permanent deletion and destruction of electronic data, reveals that 30% of people say it has started to take longer for their employers to upgrade their hardware technology at work over the past five years, with one in five saying they are having to wait a ‘lot longer' for upgrades. Just 13% of people in work say upgrades to their hardware technology have been happening more frequently. 

DSA Connect warns that older computers, servers, and software are easy targets for hackers because they are less well protected and data is at greater risk of being stolen or breached. It is concerned many employers will reduce their IT budgets and planned technology upgrades because of the financial difficulties they are facing from the Coronavirus crisis.

In terms of when people saw different elements of their work hardware technology last upgraded, 6% say this happened to their desktop computer between five and 10 years ago. A further 13% say their last upgrade was between three and five years ago.

One in ten say their work laptop has not been upgraded for at least three years, and the corresponding figures for work mobile phones and tablets is 8% and 10% respectively.


Work hardware technology

Last upgraded three to five years ago

Last upgraded over five years ago

Desktop computer






Mobile phone






Harry Benham, Chairman of DSA Connect said: "
The use of older technology can dramatically increase the chances of becoming a victim of a cyber-attack and incurring data breaches. 

"I understand why employers don't necessarily want to spend money on upgrading their technology and many will be under pressure to cut their budgets due to the financial strain caused by Coronavirus.  However, they should not only assess the impact on employee productivity from not upgrading, but also the greater risk they face of suffering a cyber-attack and a serious data breach."

DSA Connect is an IT asset disposal specialist. It specialises in the erasure and destruction of electronic data using tools certified by CESG and approved by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). It ensures that all data storage media and equipment is removed from a client’s premises and transported to its secure facility in tracked vehicles.

The company was established in 2011 to partner the Ministry of Defence in developing the MoD’s asset disposal service.