Leading social intelligence firm, DigitalMR, has unveiled the launch of an innovative Artificial Intelligence platform that can provide brands with invaluable insights from unstructured customer data from multiple internal and external source types.

Already utilised by several top-tier organisations, the AI led platform, listening247, successfully adds accurate, actionable, and timely intelligence to any text, audio, images and other visual content published online about a specific brand and/or topic to aid organisations in making strategic sales, marketing and operational decisions.

Developed from a significant 7-figure investment and available for use as SaaS, the listening247 platform is the only CX [Customer Experience] measurement tool on the market that enables organisations to integrate text and produce meaningful analysis from unstructured data in any language in a matter of hours.

Michalis Michael, CEO of DigitalMR, explained: "95% of all recorded human knowledge is unstructured data, which means the vast majority of organisations are trying to make vital business decisions on very limited information - which is numbers in tables - that is missing more than half of the story around what their target demographic or the wider market is saying on their product or service.

"By using listening247, any business or organisation can gain real and consistent data into what their target audience are talking about, what they think and feel and how they view and engage with their brand - enabling them to make informed and meaningful decisions as a result. This isn't possible with just structured data  like web traffic or via survey-based market research and is something both we as a business and the clients we work with are very excited about."

With a clear objective to increase global market share over the next 3 years, DigitalMR is focused on positioning listening247 as the globe's leading unstructured data fusion and analytics tool, that leads and consistently adapts to advancing AI and other technologies so that organisations can always gain valuable insights to inform their Customer Management (CM) actions using unstructured data.

Headquartered in London, the firm plans to raise investment via a pre-series A round in the coming months.

For more information, please visit DigitalMR