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With unemployment at the highest level for a decade, how secure do you feel in your job?
Will the Budget help your business?

How to keep your cash flow healthy

By budgeting carefully, limiting risk and ensuring you are paid on time your firm's finances will receive a boost

Should the national retirement age be raised from 65?

Don’t hide your firm in the recession

A recession is actually the perfect time for small firms to increase PR activities

The legal ramifications of using freelancers

Freelancers can reduce a firm's expenditure but small companies must be aware of the legal landscape

Do you think that the Bank of England should make further interest rate cuts?

How to keep staff happy

Do you go to work to develop your career, for the financial rewards or to see your colleagues and be part of a team?

Management consultants can boost businesses

Management consultants can offer small firms a fresh perspective

When do you think the economy will recover?
Do insurance companies meet the needs of small businesses?

Victory in defeat

Ruth Badger discusses The Apprentice, running her own businesses and the experience of presenting her own entrepreneurial television show

Mobile Working: The right tools for your business

Employee mobility is increasingly important in the modern workforce

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Be part of the inaugural Business Yorkshire exhibition

Business hot spot heats up with bra entrepreneur, Michelle Mone, at Business Yorkshire