While they may be a fairly volatile investment, is that really bad if you can make them for free by simply taking surveys online? When you purchase them and potentially lose your investment it could be disheartening and quite upsetting which could result in stress and worry. However, as I said, if it's free it doesn't become so much of a loss and you can treat it more freely without worrying about losing too much.

You may be wondering if it actually possible to earn free Bitcoin online by only doing surveys and the answer is yes! Bitcoin is amazing for long term investments as long as you're okay with the volatility it brings. However, if you are looking to invest in Bitcoin without too much risk involved, earning free coins online with surveys is your best bet.

Once you have earned the coins, head over to the Bitcoin Prime login to make the best Bitcoin investment choices possible. Now, let's take a good look at the best sites to earn Bitcoin on by taking surveys. It is time to earn some Bitcoins!


TimeBucks is known to be the best survey site to earn Bitcoins just for simply taking surveys among other things. The deeper you dig with TimeBucks, the more you will see amazing opportunities arise in which you will earn Bitcoins, it really is that simple. Here are some other ways you can earn Bitcoins on TimeBucks:

  • Click ads
  • Play games
  • Follow people on TikTok
  • Follow people on Instagram
  • Sign up to different websites
  • Watch videos online
  • Install free apps
  • Complete Captchas
  • And much more

Better yet, it is all free! The only thing you will be spending is your time, so really it works out well for you.

Survey Time

The next earning website is Survey Time! Survey Time is super straightforward, user-friendly, and quite simple to navigate. This is what already makes it such an amazing website.

Here are some amazing things about Survey Time:

  • You will be paid in cash, not points, so all money goes directly into your account
  • It pays a fixed rate no matter the length of the survey
  • No minimum payout so you can withdraw at any time

Survey Time also pays the most compared to all other platforms, so it is your best bet. You can work from your laptop or phone in any country.

Bitcoin Reward

Bitcoin Reward is fairly different from all other sites and it is also great if you are very serious about earning Bitcoins. Let us show you some great and intriguing reasons that Bitcoin Rewards is one of the best. Here they are:

  • You earn real Bitcoins, not points
  • You only need to provide your Bitcoin address to be able to join
  • You can earn 500 Satoshi just by joining

These are only some of the things that make Bitcoin Reward stand out above the rest, but these small things make a big difference.