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New £53 million funding for UK manufacturers to boost competitiveness through digital tech

Investment to support manufacturers right across the UK, helping them build back better by increasing productivity and boosting competitiveness

How to prepare for returning to the office

Over the next few weeks and months many of us will be making a return to the office.

AI CX measurement platform launched to help brands gain valuable market insights from Unstructured Data

It allows organisations to integrate text and produce meaningful analysis from unstructured data in any language in a matter of hours.

Why working with Influencers can help in your SEO efforts

After years of using SEO techniques to boost your business, you already understand how important it is

Using dark data to drive business resilience

By Yann Stadnicki, Chief Data Officer, iBanFirst

Don’t Zoom in too close: 30% of us are wearing PJs on work conference calls, some have no trousers at all!

YouGov/ survey reveals how we’ve adapted to working from home (WFH) over the past year since the onset of the pandemic

Businesses should prepare for a surge in holiday bookings & ensure they have digital systems in place

Over the next few months employers can expect to be inundated with annual leave requests warns Adrian Lewis, Director, Activ Absence,

Guest Q/A Ben Stevenson co-founder Art of Cloud

New Business talks sales software and the cloud with Ben Stevenson, co-founder of Art of Cloud with Michael Fleming, a start up in 2018 and success story in 2021,despite the pandemic

SoPro launches Level Up Laptops appeal to get more laptops to children in Sussex

Launching today Level Up Laptops is a charity initiative created by Brighton based social prospecting company SoPro

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