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Employers need to encourage utilisation of cancer support within employee benefits to get value, says The Health Insurance co.

As cancer diagnoses continue to rise, and survival rates also increase, the breadth of support within employee benefits available to those diagnosed has significantly improved.

Do Company Directors Need Self-Employed Income Protection or Executive Cover?

The best policies are long-term, providing coverage right up until retirement if you’re unfortunate enough to fall so ill that you could never work again.

The changing face of cyber crime

Nearly half of all businesses have been victims of cyber crime in the last year.

Van Drivers Facing 29.5% Insurance Price rises

Price rises accelerate as compensation rules and tax increase hit

Cyber Recovery

While the threat of cybercrime is at the forefront of SME owners’ minds, ‘cyber recovery’ is not, according to a new study.

How ready for a cyber-attack are you?

Cybercrime figures can be contradictory. But the consistent story behind the numbers is that attacks are on the increase, and small businesses can’t afford to be complacent.

Atradius, the credit insurer publishes steel and metals market monitor

British businesses trading in the steel and metals industry should be prepared for challenging times ahead as the sector continues to face difficulties

Data protection and your small business – Changes are coming

‘Data Protection’ is a term that can strike fear into the heart of any business

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