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UK Businesses Experience Strong Start to 2018

Improving services sector drives increased UK GDP growth

5 smart steps to boost your trading performance

Everyone wants to become a successful trader to secure financial stability

What is an Appointed Representative?

To operate as a seller, promoter or introducer of financial services or consumer credit in the UK, one is required to be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Why Equity Crowdfunding is So Much More Than Just Raising Funds - by John Auckland, TribeFirst

Equity crowdfunding might not be the easiest way to raise money, but it’s definitely one of the most rewarding.

Expert Tips to Keep a Close Eye on your Cash Flow this Year

Although cash flow management is important for all businesses, it is critical for start-ups.

Five simple ways to reduce your small business costs

The viability and success of a small business comes down to a simple equation of generating more money than you are spending.

UK households expected to spend £753 on Christmas in 2017

UK Household finances take a big hit at Christmas time

Has the Era of Helicopter Money Come to an End ?

The PPI tap is soon to be turned off ending the era of 'Consumer Quantitative Easing'

Expert View - Chirag Shah Founder and CEO, Nucleus Commercial Finance

Could alternative finance be the answer for your business?

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