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UK customers leaving their bank due to complaints handling process

Research released today (Sept 23rd) reveals that UK customers are leaving their banks due to the mishandling of customer complaints during COVID-19.

Why currency trading in Forex is full of emotion

Forex trading can give you the most rewarding career, however, a trader must show that he has what it takes to trade the markets profitably.

Worldline partners with fintech ecolytiq to provide sustainable banking solutions across the European market

This partnership intends to support banks and their customers in the transition to a greener economy

James Gale entrepreneur and founder of Koda Cryptocurrency, talks Crypto with New Business

James aims to bring a little light and transparency into the often dark and mystifying world of Crypto

More than half of UK SMEs have already bounced back from the pandemic

One in five SMEs (22%) have now exceeded pre-COVID turnover levels, while 31% are now matching pre-pandemic figures.

Five easy steps to begin stock trading today

The world is finally learning the art of compounding as it is incredible to witness an accelerated surge in investing, following the damage the pandemic has caused to many global corporations

Invoice management: How to reduce the financial burden

Managing your invoices can be a time consuming and costly ordeal, especially if you need to hire someone additional to do it. Here’s how you can reduce the costs whilst also save time.

What factors influence the price of Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin (BTC) has always been a decidedly volatile entity, with its recent price performance embodying this perfectly

Fighting the Covid vultures

Crisis can bring the best out of humans, but it also gives the wicked an opportunity to thrive. The pandemic is no exception

Manchester-based fintech start-up Hydr, launches revolutionary invoice finance platform,

New Business discusses with Hydr co-founders Nicola Weedall and Hector Macandrew, how they intend to tackle the perennial problem of poor payment culture

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