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Making Tax digital.jpg

MakingTax Digital

By Emma Rawson, technical officer, Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT)

Autumn Budget 2018 - what's in it for investors?

As the autumn season approaches the UK, you may begin to wonder what the government’s budget will be doing to affect your business and your investors’ current interests.

Keeping the cash flowing

Top tips to stay on top of your business’ finances. By Heather Baker, founder and CEO, TopLine Comms

AAT: UK Small Businesses Should do Five Things to Grow Sustainably in 2018

AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is calling on UK SMEs to do five key things to help deliver sustainable growth this financial year

9 Reasons Why You Should Get A Merchant Cash Advance

Why a Merchant Cash Advance could be right for you

Co-bots not robots: how AI is transforming audit analytics

Accountancy, like most other verticals in the digital age, is in the jaws of a revolution powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Taxpayers Warned Over New Company Winding Up Rules

New legislation prevents individuals lowering their tax liability by winding up their company

Primary Authority Changes to Benefit 250,000 More Businesses

The changes simplify how businesses can comply with regulations by enabling them to choose to work with a single local authority

Clarity Needed on Click and Tax Shopping Plan

From the Chartered Institute of Taxation

Just dropping buy

The evolution of drop shipping by Richard Jones, co-founder and chief technology officer at CommerceHub

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